Electric powered wakeboard by RADINN

Electric powered wakeboard by RADINN

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  1. 15.000 dollar for that better with a boat. 130.000 kronor för det skräpet billigare och bättre med en motorbåt.

  2. For nearly $20k you can buy an actual boat, take the whole family and enjoy a whole day on the water. Or you can buy this and be that guy for about 30 minutes till the battery dies. It's a cool concept but not affordable for anyone but the filthy rich and rental companies.

  3. $20k is a ridiculous price and there's no way they will sell them. The other competing boards are around $5k, so this company will have to lower prices or go out of business.

  4. At roughly 19k you're better off buying a sick used wakeboard boat or a brand new high-end jet ski. Get real. At those margins the product demand will never reach required demand levels to maintain a profitable business. Good luck though, really cool design. I'll wait for the more affordable version from a smarter company.

  5. I like the wakeboard, but I totally LOVE the music.

    If anyone knows a name (song, artist): please let me know! 🙂

  6. Haha tänkte ännu en cool amerikansk pryl som vi aldrig får se i Sverige. Så kommer scenen upp från Kungsträdgården, kungligt!

  7. Is this in market now? we think its a nice gear for the youth and definitely that will be a hit in market.

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