11 Replies to “Elite Origin Recurve bow review”

  1. Here in UK we have an 'Elite' made by Mybo. Huh? So this is another bowmaker, also calling his product an 'elite'? How's that work?

  2. What a bunch of idiots at Elite tying themselves up with Dryad over "proprietary limbs". They make THE BEST LOOKING METAL RISER ever made then go and put proprietary limbs on it when the whole market has gone to ILF. Makes absolutely no sense. They would have sold even with the inflated price if only it was true ILF. SMH

  3. Nice riser but using a ILF type socket which is propietary and doesn't work with standard ILF limbs utterly defeats the sole purpose of those sockets. I known that this video is from 3 years ago but looking at the current market, with risers as the Win & Win Black Wolf, Hoyt/TBOW Satori, Samick Discovery and even the Tradtech Titan from the same Lancaster Archery using proper ILF sockets capable to interchange any ILF limbs in the market at will exposes how naive was this concept of "propieatry ILF bow".

  4. It kind of corners the market, you buy the bow then you have to buy their limbs if you want different weight. It keeps you with them. For myself I would go with a ILF rig, a lot more choices.

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