Emotional Table Tennis Celebration by Zhang Jike

Emotional Table Tennis Celebration by Zhang Jike

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  1. Punishing him 45k$ and also use his video with an "emotional celebration" title to get more hits. Nice of you ITTF.

  2. He kicked two commercial boards..I thought the second time was a replay… At 0:01 he kicked the board with his right foot on "Liebherr" board , and at 0:07 he kicked the board wit his left foot on the "DHS" board.

  3. People go on a rampage after their team loses the superbowl= completely normal behaviour, barely anyone gets punished.
    Excited table tennis player kicks around some plastic= gets fined 45,000$

  4. I think it very stupi that Zhang Jike get no prize left. One barrier cost several hundred dollar, but Zhang Jike now no money and pay addditional money. ITTF stupid corporation just want to keep money for themselves.

  5. jang jike celebration… FAIL!  I noticed the whole crowd was still seated.  They appeared really excited.  I just think that is rude to destroy a barrier.  I don't care about him throwing his shirt in the crowd.  I'd prefer if he'd throw about 10 of his jerseys out to the crowd and autograph them.

  6. אני רק תהיה,
    האם מעבר לשחרור הלחץ לאחר שגבר על מה לונג שמדורג מעליו יש כאן הבעת חשש וחוסר בטחון תת מודע מפני הכוכב הגדול הבא והעכשווי פאן זהנדונג שמאיים יותר מכל על כתר המלוכה?
    (אם כי בשנים האחרונות  ניכר שאין שחקן דומיננטי בודד ששולט ללא עוררין בענף, אלא ה"מלוכה" משותפת לארבעת הסינים המופלאים הלא המה מה לונג,זאנג ז'יקה,שו שין,ופאן זהנדונג, לאו בדווקא בסדר הזה..)
    אשמח לתגובות.

  7. It seems hypocritical that the ITTF took away Jike's prize money for being unsportsman-like and not acting as a proper role model, yet the ITTF uploads an isolated clip of the incident on YouTube (which is going viral by ping pong standards)… Especially with the title "Emotional…Celebration…" People in my office that know nothing of ping pong were talking about this event.

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