44 Replies to “EPIC ARCHERY ELK HUNT "14"”

  1. Nice bull!
    Ironically, I killed my first bull on the afternoon of Sept 14, 2014 as well. Haven't stop chasing them since!

  2. Great camera work and awesome hunt!. What video camera are you shooting with. We shoot with a Sony, and a Nikon d7200.

  3. Great video you guys.. And congratulations Kelly on your first bow kill elk he's a toad ! Loved watching every moment of it. Great calling, and awesome job on the camera footage. I'm looking forward to seeing many more. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Charlie what is your pack?? What didn't you like about it? Or like it? Notice lately you use kifaru. Why the change.. this video is stuff of dreams for sure

  5. Great hunt kelley. Way to be patient . There is a lot of huge bulls down there . I harvested a 360 6Γ—6 the same year on the other side .

  6. Very nice job. On the hunt and on the film. Love what your team is putting out here for us to watch and learn from. Thank you.

  7. Congrats on a nice bull! What the heck took so long in showing this hunt!?!? Awesome job all the way around. πŸ‘

  8. Awesome video congratulations on your first bull! I think this was a really good video I enjoyed the whole thing

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