Epic Table Tennis Comeback

Epic Table Tennis Comeback

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  1. Classic choke job. He's scared of not being able to close and that's all he could think about. You could see it on is face. Too much thinking. He needed to just relax and play. The chances of losing that many poInts in a row in any other situation is zero but this is what fear does to people.

  2. One match I watched where t-mobile was the sponsor and everyone I heard them say timo-boll I thought they were saying t-mobile and was wondering why they were using the sponsor as his name lol.

  3. At 10-4 in the deciding match the pendulum swung from physicality to mentality. Lin Gaoyuan lost the battle in the mind before he lost it over the table.

  4. Keeping a lead is mostly just a matter of mental strength. And NEVER show your opponent your fear or concerns. It's what drags you down that lifts them up.

  5. 5:20 First time seeing professional table tennis from this angle. Everything is so much more entertaining from here. I think this goes for most sports such as volleyball. But I understand why they have to do that angled bird-eye's view.

  6. pretty mean for ittf to post this tbh. if my greatest downfall was uploaded to youtube and I got recognized for being the choker in table tennis, I would not take it well. Lin Gaoyuan is still a good player and I feel that he is pushed down because of such incidents :/

  7. Poor Lin, he was weak on mental level, but not anymore…. Now he is more mental strong is on top 3 best china players.

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