Essential Table Tennis Rules | PingSkills

Essential Table Tennis Rules | PingSkills

Welcome to PingSkills lessons, we are here
to talk about some of the rules. On our website you will be able to download
some of the important rules and we are going to through a few of the common questions for
you now. We are going to play some points now and just
give you an idea of how you can win a point in table tennis. So there is a few main ways, If Jeff and I
are playing a rally we start with a serve and Jeff has to hit the ball over onto my
side straight after that. Very good. If Jeff hits the ball and I don't let it bounce
then that's Jeff's point straight away. There is no volleying in table tennis. Another way that Jeff could win the point
is if I hit the ball and it doesn't land on the table. Or if I hit the ball and it goes into the
net. So the basic rule in table tennis is really
simple, I've got to hit the ball onto Jeff's side, when Jeff hits it onto my side I left
it bounce once and then hit it back onto his side. The only tricky rule in table tennis is the
one about volleying it after it goes of the end of the table. So if you just remember this rule, if Jeff
hit's the ball and it goes out past the table it's my point. Even if I hit the ball on the full once it
has gone past the table. So that's my point because the ball is already
out. Okay so what happens if the ball hits the
net? So if the ball hits the net and goes over
during play, so we've hit a few shots, so Jeff and I are playing a rally the balls bounced
a few times I hit it and it hits the net and goes over, that's in play and Jeff needs to
try and get that ball. However if that ball hits the net and goes
over on a serve, So I served it Hits my side and touches the net and goes over that's a
let and that when we stop and replay the point. Okay so when your serving and that happens
how many lets can you get in a row before it's a fault. You never ever lose the point for serving
a let so even if I serve 28 lets in a row that still a let and we still need to replay
the point. Excellent
When we are playing a match what are the basic rules like what score do we play to. Now we play games up to 11 points. And we take it in turns we have two serves
each at a time. So Jeff would serve for the first two points
I serve for the next two points, and so on until someone wins the game. the only variation on that is if the score
gets to ten points each, so Jeff was ten and I'm ten then we alternate serves one serve
at a time until someone gets two points ahead. Okay Alois another question that we get regularly
is what size bat is legal in table tennis. Most players use a bat around this big, however
you are allowed to use any size bat that you like. If you want you can use a bat this big, good
luck because it takes a bit of hitting but you are also allowed to use a bat this big
or even bigger. the reason the players don't use a bat this
big is because this gets way to heavy and it's way to hard to move around quickly. One common question is, is the ball in or
out if the ball hits the side of the table.It's out so the table has to hit the top of the
table to be in. Anywhere on the top of the table is in even
if it just snicks the edge of the table it's in but if the ball hits on the side of the
table down here that out. The only time that's really happened is if
it's hit from outside the line of the table. Okay from a wide angle. So if they play the ball from right out here
then it has a chance of hitting the side. Otherwise if it hits the table its mostly
likely going to be in. Another question people have is when their
playing are they allowed to touch the table, or are they allowed to lean on the table. What are the rules about that? the only part of your body that isn't allowed
to touch the table is your free hand so I'm a left hander so I"m not allowed to touch
the table with my right hand. If I do that that's jeff's point. but I'm allowed to put my body against the
table that's fine as long as you don't move the table at all. So if I do that and move the table even a
little bit that's Jeff's point. So as long as you don't move it and keep your
free hand of the table. Another question is how many faults are you
allowed before you lose the point, as soon as you make a mistake with your serve you
lose the point. You don't get a double fault like you do in
tennis perhaps any mistake with your serve is the other persons point. We might just go through the rules of doubles
now Jeff because people often get a bit confused about who serves and where you serve to. So in doubles there are three extra rules. First rule is you have to take it in turns
to hit. So if I hit the ball first I have to get out
of the way and Jeff has to hit the next one. So that's rule number one always take it in
turns. The second rule is about serving you always
serve from your right hand box diagonally to your opponents right hand box. You never ever serve from the left hand box
in doubles so its always from the right hand box. That's rule number two. The third rule is related to when you need
to swap over so I serve my two serves to you don't forget that both my serves go to you
so one doesn't go to you and one to your partner. I serve both my serves to you. After I finish my two serves to you Jeff and
I swap, so the only time you swap positions is after your team finishes your two serves. After we serve then its your turn to serve
and you would serve two serves to Jeff. After you and your partner have finished your
to serves you would swap over and Jeff's turn to serve. So the serving order is that I would serve
two serves to you, you would serve two serves to Jeff, Jeff would serve to to your partner,
and then your partner would serve two to me. And that pattern is repeated until the end
of the game. If you have enjoyed our lessons then you decide
how much you pay for them go along to our website and if you really like them then make
a contribution otherwise there free, so enjoy.

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  1. if our bat or raquets touches the table while playing table tennis is it allowed???
    please comment and anwser yes or no Alois or jeff.

  2. Thank you so much for the rules…I want to ask one thing ..when playing I have to "Cross Serve"? or straight?
    and after the first serve do I have to serve from the other part((left half))of my area?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi guys , good day
    I like to know if the ball hit your hand by accident (the one with the racket) and manages to be a good return, is that legal?
    Thanks again you guys are great

  4. Hi Nur Syamimi Azizan,

    When you move the table, the current point is awarded to your opponent and you keep playing the point.

    When you serve a let, you stop the point but no one gets awarded the point, then you serve again, that is what we mean by replaying the point. I hope that helps clear up your questions.

  5. If I moved the table or my free hand touched the table, do I have to stop the game or continue play with loosing points to the opponent? 

    And what do mean by replay the point (when the ball hits the net on a serve)?

  6. Must the serve cross the receiving sides end line after the bounce or can it double (or more) bounce if not returned? Also, when serving, — assuming everything is done legally — can the ball bounce once on the receiving side and then immediately exit the side of the table crossing the side lines short of the end line?

  7. Thanks for going over the rules, that cleared up some arguments for us. The only thing I didnt like about your video is that you guys sit on the table several times. We just bought a table and it is difficult to get people not to slam the paddles on the table after losing a point, leaning over the table and scraping the paddle as they retrieve the ball that hit the net. The tables are not for sitting on, they are to play the game on.

  8. Excellent video ! I have one question though. What if the bat hits the table while returning the ball ? 

  9. Very cleared. However, I wondered if i hit backspin to my opponent area and it bounce back to mine without allowing he or she to hit the balls. Who wins the point? Should I hit it again? Thanks.

  10. I have just had a look at the Ping skill rules as directed by Jeff in one of your other videos, and I've found it helpful. In fact I will be printing it out and pasting on the wall where i play, as a guide for us.

    a couple of areas are however not clear to me from the list and I had to post them here since this is a more appropriate video for tennis rules questions (sorry for my repeat questioning, though):

    "Q: Can you hit the ball before it bounces on your side of the table?

    A: If the ball is still in play, (over the table) and you hit it on the full you lose the point. If the ball has gone past the table and you hit it on the full you win the point. The first mistake counts i.e. the ball going out of play on the full. Either way as soon as someone hits the ball on the full the point stops."

    What's this all about? 'over the table', 'past the table'…uh? I thought that once an opponent fails to land a ball on my table, I win the point – irrespective of whether i made an attempt to hit the ball outside the table.

    Also, somewhere in the List of Rules I found this:

    "Unless the rally is a let, a player SCORES A POINT if the ball, after he has served or returned it, touches anything other than the net assembly before being hit by his opponent"

    * my confusion is on the clause 'touches anything'

    pls help…

  11. Very clearly explained, excellent job! Too bad for the poor sound quality, but there are captions that help. Other than that, the video explains the rules in a very straight forward manner, easy to remember by anyone. One thing I would have liked to learn is related to serving in single games – is there any rule regarding the side where your serve should be initiated or where it should land (as with a double game)?
    And how do you decide who starts serving the first ball? Coin flipping?
    Also, should players switch serving after each game (e.g. if we play 3 out of 5) or should the winner of the previous game serve the first ball of the next game?

  12. Hi i am a beginerI hav a Qn. will I score a point if the ball pitches in the opponent's side 'twice'?

  13. Hi! Can I have a copy of this video? I'll just use it in my Class Presentation. I cn't download it. Thanks.

  14. i still have a question:
    if you serve. should the ball always bounce once on the other code even if my opponent dosent picks it?

  15. Hi Pingskills,

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to make and upload the video. I enjoyed learning from it.

  16. hey what if the ball hit my area and then the ball goes back to my opponent's area?? who is that point for?? can I go and hit the ball before it hits the other area?? please answer me!!

  17. How will you be using it? You can embed this in a website. Or you can use the information from it in a written project. That is fine.

  18. The rule used to be as your friends mentioned a long time ago. But now the rule is exactly as explained in the video.

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