ETAR 2019

ETAR 2019

hey there I'm coming you from eat our which is in Denton Hill Pennsylvania and I'm here with Jeff Krug very good I would say Krug like it's just I read it Jeff crude how many years of you in Combinator five or six bullets have I've known about it for a long time this way because I know my my weakness for some of the purchasing of equipment they have vendors and all kinds of great things here wool products I love to get wolf princess Belle keep me warm in the winter bows bows and bows and bows and poison arrows so you really video two years this is my second year I know you're gonna ask your question when I start eating my second year and um it's really amazing if you have a hat chance to come here do come it's how many thousands of archers do you think's 17 million thousand but 17 million archers come here for your traditional only seven three nine thousand that's about right it's it's in the thousands yeah they can tell you the game yeah look up how many all right 17 million and y'all that boy see you here is our camera woman this morning it's Sarah she's come all the way from Manchester England and you'll see her featured in some of the video footage um but if you've toid us the idea of coming to eat art you definitely should come there's camping as you can see we're sitting in front of Jeff's big kitchen camp and there's lots of people do primitive people bring Sara narsing in hotel because because you can can't you can't see in hotels cabins so uh that's my introduction in a video and you'll just see lots of clips there's nine courses yeah we're gonna say nine somebody can correct us yeah someone can definitely a t' okay does that count if you cross over and there's seventeen thousand courses here alright so Jeff and I realize that perhaps we weren't super informative about eat are so just in case you'd like to know what the forces are cardiac courage Canadian Ironman stick Bo alley Western nine-mile Eastern is swamp and that makes up the Eastern traditional archery or on my profession miss pick me yes yes Alex um is it Western nine-mile and Eastern swamp course no are you sure yes which one's rendezvous I want to do the round everyone okay it's that way alright Western Canadian I think Derek I don't see the word Eastern oh yeah Oh two's there's no Eastern that shirt is a lot you might be right what about you tar is special to you man people the people the archery the hillside being with friends and family that's nice all right what makes each hour special to you whatever dad said right over the head we got him hits home have fun backwards and whose business okay so I've witnessed all the other shooters come up here for it and they keep turning their head around means business works turn your head around before you shoot no turn look and flip wait so I'm over that oh I didn't work with the brave like oh you're like English style all this the people are phenomenal it's just you can't explain it the people are just wonderful is such a good time you have a great time here good to hang out with family get to hang out with great friends you can't beat it there's no experience like it anywhere so it's one-of-a-kind you footage of you using your tab holder Oh sure this is my Yost tab Kydex holster it's like a nice quick safe holster it won't come out and then you can get it on easy custom to order when you squeeze them oh thank you don't get confused about squirrels without it's like a big family reunion for all the traditional archery shooters just makes my heart just so happy it's quite so it's special and it's in my backyard I live right here in Wells bro so this is just the best shoot ever I was waiting for you and I went that maybe I'm in the deer who's afraid Hey I hate carotid artery I was gone for the jugular every next I'll go down he's down quick he can't breathe karate artery wah so you'd have to do one was it yeah and then it easier oh and then oh my god I bet I've wondered with the other hands pull and shoot the other arrow yeah I mean it would be possible it is possible but it's a bad idea huh concur but it'd be badass oh I got the fucking disappointingly it's actually his ankle Sarah I'm sorry you're not the butthole Queen it's his ankle it's his ankle ankle biter all right so we are looking at now the winner of the Kids Eat Alya competition tell me your name Aidan Aidan are you really happy yeah yeah let me see your cool trophy oh my gosh congratulations you're welcome I'm just doing about eat are just shooting nice what was your favorite course iron Iron Man yeah no it's a good one I am what's your name Bernie very nice alright see you on the Internet alright what are you enjoying about eat are all the courses yeah my mom was that your favorite yeah good how did you good I bet you did alright anything else did you have a roast chicken today yeah well let's see the bone that's such a good new bow quiver yep yeah it's nice bear grizzly oh very nice and I got this quiver today too that is very cool all right well thanks for your thoughts on eat are in hindsight what's your name Ryan Thank You Ryan you okay what makes you are special to you meeting new people reuniting when people I've met before the courses the food just hanging out now leaving is gonna be tough just talking about butts and that's one box Allah knows it oh yeah it's just one of my friends to realize I can't make an appearance the conversation just watch me that's really intense some freshness passion cleaning of – yeah beautiful thing talking about tattooing but Silesia was notice beautiful sport

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  1. At 7:05 of video, Yost tab Kydex holster…where do I get one and how much? Great video of some
    ETAR experience

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. All trad shooters enjoying archery and fellowship, good to see the kids shooting traditional equipment. This year looks a lot drier than last year that featured everyone schlepping through the mud.

  3. Hello , Didn't mean to interrupt you and Jeff while walking through the parking lot Friday, but It was nice to see those who make trad videos in person. Thank you for your efforts and thank you for this fun video .

  4. Great video good to see you and fellow archers, nothing beats friends, family, and stick bows. Hope to see more. Thank you.

  5. Yay Flea! Nice one, and good to see Jeff shooting again. Great to see you and Sarah shooting together again in such a lovely place.

    I'm not jealous.


    Sod it, yes I am.

  6. Hi Flea, you had some great weather this summer. I see Jeff is not shooting his Black Hunter bow in this video. I enjoyed the video because I decided not to come this summer. Thanks for the video. I see you are shooting a different shooting glove.

  7. That looks a wonderful event to be at 😎. I wonder if there were any more Brits there other than Sarah 🤔.
    We dont have anything like that here in the UK as far as Im aware 😑.

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