Every Premier League Club's Current Longest Serving Player

Every Premier League Club's Current Longest Serving Player

loyalties everything in football at least it was once upon a time so right now who's been at your club the long list here is each permanent club's current longer serving player but before we start my good man over here chart a c7 storm that you too will once again chose the notification settings so to ensure you don't miss a video make sure you subscribe to hita sport and double cheddar you've got notifications set to wall anyway i'm we go with the video Arsenal Lauren cash L knee joining the guns in 2010 Lauren cash ellen you said it become assholes longest-serving player this summer taking over the event that's bound aaron ramsey kachelle newest celebrate 9 years of gunner on July 7th it's been a pretty good nine years the veteran defender developed in one of the best surround has been one of the only consistent performers at a poor arson defense over the years he's been eight million pounds well-spent Aston Villa Jack relish there's been a massive turnover and players that fell apart in recent years mange acquiesced their longest-serving player at the age of 23 were bracing Alan Hutton who's leaving the club this summer who is first appeared on the villa bench in March 2012 the age of 16 and two years later to make his Premier League debut now he said when bought in another criminally journey and this time is much more equipped to be a hit Bournemouth her erm the cherries have been on a journey and our er has been there for most of it he joined in 2010 from chart at the age of 20 with a club in League One our to help bomber climb the divisions even establish himself into the top flight before although moved to Cardiff last summer but what will the future hold for Bournemouth longer serving player will Eddie Howe bring him back to default or is this the end of the road Brighton Lewis dunk the defender signed his first professional contract with the seagulls back in 2010 and like the previously mentioned artur dunk helped his team go from Ligue 1 all the way to the Premier League even getting England recognition along the way now the Brighton Cup and following Bruno's departure the rumors that donks lengthy Brighton spell could end this summer but it wouldn't be the first time he's been linked with a move away and remained on the south coast Burnley Kevin long despite barely playing for them Kevin long as active Bernie's longest serving player the Irish defender arrived at Turf Moor in January 2010 but over last time there has been spent out on lon the 2017-18 seas with his best in terms of appearances for Burnley playing sixteen firmly games I'm not sure why still aired be honest Chelsea Lukas Pathan liras us making this video reports emerged that Thomas Carlos was leaving Chelsea for Bristol City meaning a hat regime a long-serving player that Lukas Python with Chelsea's launchin elegans their longest-serving play was always going to be someone who's barely played for the club and now that calluses on his way out PFR as the top dog Brazilian joined in 2012 and has won permanence to his name Crystal Palace Ryan is another man who's barely played yet somehow the club's longest-serving player Ryan eNOS replaces the outgoing dueling super only at the top the lowly tree in assigned a pro/con right with Palace in the summer of 2011 and eight years on the defender is still there with just one appearance in all competitions he's out loans but after long spell as well as off-field issues Everton Leighton Baines king of the Marlin beans becomes Evans undisputed longest-serving player this summer starting a new deal while Phil Jagielka heads to the unemployment line bnz has been a great servant at Goodison Park probably one of the best left bucks in the country but not the best ever despite some stupid Twitter devoutly OD that completely ignored actually cause existence Leicester City Andy King while the midfielder is no longer a key player at the King Power Andy King as a Leicester veteran starting his first professional color with the Foxes way back in May 2007 he's won three trophies with the club the Ligue 1 title the championship and then the Premier League but he even lost a shirt number last season James Madison so it looks like he doesn't play at Leicester Liverpool Jordan Henderson to think this slide lists the Champions League trophy just a few weeks ago a lot is said about Jordan Henderson the Liverpool cut miss food a lot of doubt was wrong over the years and certainly deserves the armband at Anfield and he's actually their longest serving player arriving in the summer of 2011 for 20 million quid which is impressive considering his very nearly sold a full of just a year later Manchester City David Silva the spiny has just confirmed this past week that his time with Man City will end next summer despite just becoming the longest-serving player Vincent company's exit Silva moved to City in 2010 from Valencia and over the past nine years as establish himself as a Premier League grid and a Manchester City Leger playing a pivotal role in their rise to the top Manchester native Chris Smalling from a legend in Manchester to a man who fans wish was no longer there Chris Martin became a Manchester net player in July 2010 nanyo zone is still there still not great being there longer than anyone else and more importantly he's still there how is he still there Newcastle United Paul Dermot despite what's being taught by Allen party that he wouldn't be good enough to play in the Premier League Paul tom is down the Mike prizes longest-serving player and I saw the Premier League left back to his weird blonde hair hasn't hindered him and he captained me castle at times last season which seemed a long way away when he signed a pro deal in 2010 Norwich City aleksander teddy you all remember Alex Teddy is called by the unreal volley a few years ago against Sunderland well after arriving in 2012 the Norwegian enforce were still a canary even of his game times have depleted over the past couple of seasons but will Daniel fart leaned on Teddy's Premier League experience this upcoming campaign Sheffield United Chris passion suddenly not one of the passion bulls of WWE Fame Chris has been employed since 2014 which is enough to make him their longest-serving player I've just noticed we sure birthday actually 20 to life anyone's interested to send me a present or Chris anyway he's nothing flash but Barcia has been a reliable player for Chris Wilder barely missing a game over the last two seasons Southampton James ward-prowse a set-piece expert in a bit of nowadays janesville promises southampton veteran despite being just 24 years old to be honest it's amazing has been snapped up by anyone else he became a Saints first teamer in October 2011 and yearly he made his league debut at Man City quite the baptism of fire Tottenham Danny roars you forget how long Daniels is actually being at Tottenham with the England national joined in 2007 from Leeds 12 years on left up with all the 12 is born okay never mind Rose is now a Tottenham veteran and isn't afraid to speak his mind about the big issues in football which is commendable Watford Troy Deeney never in doubt was it with Wofford's turnover of players Troy Deeney was always going to be their longest serving player he will serve Victor's role in the summer of 2010 he's been a goal machine in yellow across the years going on to cut in the club he's a natural and he turns 31 a day sorry birthday Troy Westham mark normal again this one was never in doubt of course mark Noble as West Ham's longest-serving player his longest serving clearing the whole Premier League normal made his West Ham first-team debut back in 2004 and fifty years on the bat is still at the heart of their midfield if you slow down a bit lately sadly I don't think he's ever gonna get that England Cup and finally wolves Matt Doherty wolves have changed a lot of Football Club in recent years but one constant is Matt Doherty who lived through the bad times as well as the good Yara's wingback join wolves in 2010 and during his nine years he's gone from the Premier League down at Ligue 1 and all the way back here at the Premier League and this easily represent them in the Europa League so that's every Premier League clubs current longest-serving player let us know what you think the comments below or thanks for watching and don't forget the like share and subscribe

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  1. Have you done a video about the players with the most Prem League appearances? You could also do most wins/losses and then also do it for other leagues.

  2. Manchester United longest serving current player is Chris Smalling.
    Tells a lot about their situation.!

  3. Isn't Chelsea's longest serving player Todd Kane? He's been at Chelsea since he signed for the under 8s. He's now 25…

  4. Do a video on a pl table based on player loyalty (each team with players with over 100 apps and whoever has the most players wins and whoever has the fewest players comes bottom)

  5. when they talked abour piazon
    they said now that " hsjdjwjhej is on hes way out" what name did they say instead of sihdbzs?

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