Exploring Horseshoe Bend | Hidden Arizona |

Exploring Horseshoe Bend | Hidden Arizona |

15 Replies to “Exploring Horseshoe Bend | Hidden Arizona |”

  1. Went there 5 years ago and it makes me feel happy and sad, to see this beautiful video. Keep up the good work

  2. That is very risky , how do ppl stand on the edge …i herd some girl died this week thats why i search it ! Cool vid , but the suspense tone makes me nervous!!!

  3. Great video, not sure the FAA would approve almost all of the shots were illegal including the footage from Prescott… but otherwise very nice work haha!

  4. Hey Great Footage. I'm doing some videos for my church and was wondering If i can use a few clips of this? Thanks

  5. Wow Dennis! Breath taking shots. It was so windy when I was there in April I had had to cut my flight short. Thank you for the video. Subscribed!

  6. Hey Dennis! I love love love drone footage. You crushed this. I need to get to Horseshoe Bend ASAP. I went ahead and subscribed. I would love if you return the favor. If not no big deal. Keep creating!!

  7. This was amazing! Editing, music choice, composition. From aspiring film maker to another. Great job man!

    You didn't get any flack for using the drone down there?

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