34 Replies to “Extraordinary techniques in Turkish archery: Jarmakee and Majra”

  1. Hi, I'm curious about Majra shooting.
    Is it possible to harm the bow like dry shooting, if the arrow weight not enough?
    Should I have to make the weight as same as the normal arrow on the short arrow? Thanks

  2. Thanks for the video. Does anyone know what the word "jarmakee" means? I cannot find its translation.

  3. What does Jarmakee and Majra translate to in English? Thanks for all these videos. You've helped me get started on the path to thumb archery and I've enjoyed exploring all these other cultures because of it!

  4. I like the overdraw thing but style of shooting donwards like that looks weird, but then again I know very little about archery and this could have been useful at one time.

  5. Hello. I'm very much interested to practice it. Could you tell me where in Europe I could learn? Or maybe to settle here in France? I have a martial arts club here

  6. Really nice to see these almost forgotten ways to shoot. A deep bow in respect for you and the turkish tradition in shooting a bow!

  7. Abi bence hic muzik filan koyma, arka planda tabii sesler olsun daha iyi. Zaten ne muzik koyarsan koy hep bir iki sikayet eden lavuk cikacak, orasi kesin.

  8. why meaningless questions? I had had only a few pieces with no copyright obligations till I can fnd a web site to download free mp3s.

  9. its just a turkish thing. you avoid archer paradox and is technically speaking a Superior shooting style. though difficult to learn. (for me anyway) ..its just a different style or archer

  10. I saw an over draw device used in the korean movie war of arrows, but had no idea what it was used for until now, thanks… And yes, the music was just wrong.

  11. Actually, it is the same tool. Koreans call it Tong-ah. It may be considered as the same roots of two archery traditions. The ancestors of both Koreans and Turks are originated from Altai region and their languages are linguistically related.

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