Extreme Archery Heavy Draw Weight Bows Why?

Extreme Archery Heavy Draw Weight Bows Why?

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  1. Thanks for the tips,i have a old Bear hunter 70# takedown loved it,now disabled ARMY, I'm starting with a 25# Bear hopefully by next season I'll be ready,still have my stealth ability, to get 3feet from deer hog ,thanks for your help all the time !!!!

  2. Dude you are awesome I like how u explain like u talk to dumb people that never even saw a bow in a life but that's good so I can understand everything lol

  3. Pickup truck leaf springs should help me attain my needed draw weight of 500 pounds at 31 inches.

    Thanks for the great video !!!!

  4. I'm an average male, maybe a little less than, and I find #26 enough for now lol.. no way could I draw even #40, let along #50!

  5. the only issue i have on my 55lbs bow is that my arms are too short when stringing it so i need another person πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Can someone help me out, so if you where to get a heavy bow and you can draw back does that mean you are shooting faster than a compound bow?

  7. I really learned a lot here. My basic questions have pretty much been addressed.Thank you sir. I'm in my 60's now I think ill take this up as a hobby or sport.

  8. Once you get over 50 to 55 lbs of draw weight, it becomes more and more difficult to enjoy archery. So many people are dropping weight down to 35 to 40 lbs and they are very happy.

  9. My Hat is off to you–you handle #100 pretty well. I couldn't pull #100 with my Pick-up !! LOl
    But I must disagree ( even with your well placed groups). If you look at your video – you held full draw with the 55. But with the 84 and 100–your hand goes forward 2 to 3 inches before you release. If you going after Elephant and hippo, the heavy weights will work for you, but using a #100 on a Whitetail is like shooting them with a 50 cal. !! And your young–but the #100 will eventually ruin your shoulder and your Bow Hunting will be history. Your a nice guy–back the weight down and save the shoulder !!

  10. how much did you pay for the 100lb? im looking at buying a 66" 80# longbow,or a 70# recurve bow right now.

  11. Haters gonna hate bud. Nice bows, like all of us room for improvement. Very wise mentioning discipline and training. I have a 65# @28 wing from the 60's I'm 6ft2 about 225#. Can shoot all day. Tough on bare fingers when it's cold out! It's been the heaviest bow I could find without spending serious cash. Can you link me where you got the 100#? I've tried making self bows from Osage. Can't keep one over 60# without breaking after a few hundred shots. (Yes I'm novice still and too stubborn too submit to backing them). Great videos, few guys out there willing to put themselves out there like that. Keep it up bud!

  12. Great Video! I am going to have my 69th birthday in May. I hunt with a 75 lb. @ 28" 62" hybrid reflex-deflex two piece takedown. I shoot at targets often throughout the year except when the snow is deep and it's below 25 degrees. My first quality hunting bow was an all glass Indian Archery longbow. I was 13 years old. As I matured, so did my muscles (strength). I will say that I built some 100 lb. hybrid bows. When I was younger I am not as accurate with them these days. Over the last several years my draw weight has come down a little. My 30 year old son uses the 100 lb. bows these days. Oh yeah….. My bows are ambidextrous. I can shoot with either hand. After 62 years of slinging arrows "off the knuckle," practicing with both has kept my back muscles balanced. These days 75 lbs. @ 28" is best for these old bones. I build my own bows.

  13. Dude you can't get the 70 pound or the 100 pound to any decent type of anchor and you look incredibly tense and incredibly not at any kind of ease I don't know what your trying to prove to others by using those super heavy draw weights but stop man you honestly looked like someone doing something he was t comfortable with and I am not going to argue with you or anyone else but to me a guy who has been into archery since I was a child both recurved and compound and you looked exactly what that one guy at the club or lodge that has a bow to heavy for him and is sly drawing or something like that you look like you were just trying to hold that string back as far as you could especially on the 100 pound it was painful stick with the 55 pound seriously if you think I'm wrong watch yourself and tell me you look at ease

  14. That makes sense , even to me LOL , im just too lazy to shoot such a powerfull Bow, just happily plinking With my 45# hybrid . Man ! I wonder how far That dragonslayer Can send a light arrow !?

  15. I noticed here that when you draw, your elbow is raised, which is different with a compound bow where your arm and elbow are straight, in line with the target. That's interesting.

  16. I see alot of people here like to track blood trails. Why did they use medieval warbows of 150lb? because it dropped its target ON THE SPOT (horses, men, camels) I'm trying to get a 100lb recurve in Australia to cut through wind, brush and scrub and still cause enough trauma to bring down a pig.

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