21 Replies to “Extreme Bosu Ball Circuit Training Workout Routine”

  1. At some point Naudi is just going to have a cross training video of him jumping from a moving train through a hoop of fire over a shark tank….with a neutral spine of course. 😉 LOL Great stuff as always man. Love trying all these.

  2. Great video, haven't done it yet and already my favorite workout. I play Defensive back in football and this should help complete my game

  3. Mate i love your videos, subscribed for sure.
    I know it's probably not your expertise, but i play American Football here in Australia and was wondering if you'll ever do videos for excercises that are a little more specialized for gridiron??

  4. Awesome balance. A whole heap of myofascial release is right. I've been working towards a full flat-footed squat and at age 51 it's tough to reclaim that mobility.

  5. Tthere is added weight anteriorly in a pistol squat, helping induce working from an explosive, positive shin angle. Although, Naudi might be right, there's probably a better way to add this anterior weight without compromising the contralateral extension.

  6. thanks will def incorporate this into my training and im sure it will help my standup paddle surfing I have a bosu & med ball but hardly use them now i will as this looks hard but functionally fun & challenging

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