41 Replies to “Extreme urban wakeboard while Police is chasing on the flooded streets of Budapest”

  1. I am the inventor and creator of all bungee boarding sports..I own BUNGIE boarding.com..bungee X board is my trademark..I also own bungee x wakeboarding

  2. Enjoyed the video but that was STUPID dangerous. You don't know what obstacle could be hidden under the water.. you could be seriously injured or worse.

  3. Under a law violation process? Really I'd say show me the law that says no wake boarding on flooded streets

  4. 0:53 Disculpe caballero… Pero está quebrantando una ley que ni siquiera existe, tendremos que multarlo… / Excuse me, gentleman… But you are breaking a law that does not even exist, we'll have to fine it..

  5. 10's of thousands work on dikes while three jerk offs play in the water. way to celebrate you not contributing to the effort. selfish bastards. did you slap a couple babies between scenes?

  6. dude easy on the fucking light leaks jesus. its meant to compliment a video not totally saturate it. fucking balance your footage jesus.

  7. Cool! – can You share some details of Your machine – what kind of rope do You use? 🙂 What size of reel for 10HP motor? 🙂

  8. Maybe theres no law that you cant wakeboard in the streets, but the officers said due to the emergency no one is allowed in the water, i think its awesome what their doing but if the police officers say it, then you cant do it

  9. 6:20 i know why people would not like it, because they are suffering from an dissaster, and then you guys come there and have fun on it haha xD..

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