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  1. I like your reasoning on how to deal with fast push, but my problem is that my returns are high, and smash able by my opponent. not only for this return, in all of my returns, how do I bring my returns lower, closer to net height? thank you very much. I am new in this sport.

  2. Some pro players do what is called FH flip-kill which is like FH flip but it looks like more flat-hit than top-spin movement. Do you think this stroke (usually against short but high dead ball) has the same technique with the one you presented in this tutorial video ? Thanks if you're willing to provide further advice.

  3. This is just excellent, you explains what nobody does on youtube for table tennis.
    Gonna give this a try tmrrow. !

  4. Have found this video very helpful looking forward to your next one – could you make one on foot movement/positioning during a game?


  5. Which shoes are you using in the final of the video? Nice vid by the way, gonna try to work on these flicks now!

  6. What would be the correct timing to execute this stroke? At the end I kinda saw it as being at net height but I don't know if it was just the angle of the camera…

  7. I couldn't help noticing the penholder, in the red shirt, in the background. It looks like he's swinging almost entirely through his shoulder. Tell him to watch your videos. haha!

  8. Good videos. Please do something about your microphone. The sound is too low. My audio settings are all maxed out, and I can barely hear you.
    Change the mic and/or speak up.

    Otherwise the videos are good. I hope the laptop there is not for recording audio, it is distracting a bit.

  9. Can you make a video on how to read and return serves? I often have trouble returning sidespin underspin serves, or just plain sidespin serves

  10. I believe your greatest asset is not only your table tennis skills, but your ability to elucidate things in clean, clear and detail oriented way. I have watched tons of table tennis videos, yours are simply the best. You are a great communicator !!!

  11. And again thank you for your videos, very nice job! And my question is what about racket angle difference when you trying to flick heavy backspin and topspin, I think this momemt is important too.

  12. its always my dream to witness such a perfect and wonderful tutorial demonstrated in chinese techniques spoken in english………

    and now its a reality…

  13. thanks for the great video. Your tutorials are among the best tutorials I've seen. Very detailed, comprehensive, no nonsense, no myth, no fancy title to attract viewers. Keep up the good work. I'd love to see many more videos like this.

  14. i am studying your video while practicing it. you may also wish to make video serve reverse pendulum like fan zhendong and i am studying it and tanks because it has made fliping like fan zhendong…bravo my friend

  15. Very nice video for us to learn. My question is, what type of rubber (europe tension rubber or tacky chinese?) for a beginner to do this flick ? thx a lot

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