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  1. Delaware dumb fishermen killed all the species on mid-east shore….they really don't care about the nature….

  2. MOST OF THEM SURVIVE????? WTF!?!?!? Research found that 20% died in couple of days after they are released. 10% died in 10 days after released. 30% of released horse show crab died. and if they can not survice for 2 weeks they were died. only horse crabs survived more than 2 weeks really SURVIVED. Total 32% died of bleeding. but Research said that only 13% died because they traced Horseshoe crab for only day or two…horse show crabs are dying because of greediness of company .20% extraction of crab will make huge difference and it is found that they do not have clear procedure and guideline about 30% BLOOD, that means they don't know if it is only 30% of blood is lost or not…and research said that compnaies so often draw upto 50% of blood….if they find them die during blooding, then they proceed to take out 100% of crabs blood. and they do that on purpose.

  3. dump a couple of trucks full of greasy fries and those birds will never eat horseshoe crab eggs anymore lol

  4. do supplemental feeding of the naughts upon arrival. dump out a bunch of food they're willing to eat. it will both compensate for the lack of eggs, and allow a higher percentage of horseshoe crab offspring. after several years of repeated behavior the horseshoe crab population will explode, and the naught population will recover faster. in the mean time ban bait collecting of horseshoe crab to help restore the population. The trick is to recover the horseshoe crab population, and that will restore the naught population. all you have to do is supplement the feeding of naughts to divert eating the eggs for a while, and for the few years the conservation effort is in place ban the collecting of horseshoe crab baiting so the populations can recover. it's pretty simple. fisherman have survived 100,000's of years without horseshoe crab baits. It won't hurt them to find alternate baits. I've been fishing for 35YRS-there's always some other bait you can use. -But if the horseshoe crab goes extinct it will cost many lives-not just for humans, but for entire ecosystems. the solutions are easy, but they need to be initiated by someone able to carry out simple conservation efforts, and some legislators to get off their lazy asses.

  5. It's all due to the overbearing of the human population. Again as many other species that have become wipes out due to humans, the horse shoe crab is getting used as bait to catch fish to feed?? HUMANS. they're getting bled and 13% die for antibiotic purposes used for?? HUMANS. All about feeding humans, helping them live longer, helping them fight infections to minimise death and dobt forget everyone selfishly breeding like rabbits = huge disaster and more extinctuons till the conclusion= everything wiped out apart from a few animals which are farm bred like cows and some vegetation like potatoes. It might get to a point where humans are farmed for their meat and organs since everyone wants to live forever and afraid of death. The most selfish ignorant aggressive cancer one earth.

  6. January, 2018, surveyors flying over Tierra del Fuego, South America, saw that the number of Rufa Red Knots overwintering there had fallen to 9,840 birds. This is a 25% decrease on the number recorded in January 2017 (13,127). The conservationists of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, who have been conducting this ongoing study, had been quietly hopeful that the promising increase of 15% between 2016 and 2017 would continue. Again, the decrease was due to not enough food at their stopover at Delaware Bay on the Atlantic coast of the USA, while traveling north to their breeding grounds.

  7. Feeding these birds might effect their behavior and patterns. feeding them with food that is not in there natural diet can leave to negative consequences that might endanger them more. they use these birds to also record horseshoe crabs population by knowing if they are change in a rapid or slower pace. By given the red knot artificial food we wont have any data or accurate data for the horseshoe crab population. It would be sad to know that use humans who haven't been around long enough would kill a creature to extinction that has lived more than 445 mya.

  8. Came here for ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿ‘ž crabs , talks about birds for more than 2/3rds of the documentary. Also goes into detail about how we as humans have use them. Talks about the crab history for about a minute, show is 50 mins

  9. wow amazing horseshoe crab 350,000.000 years they live in this worldโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ this creature should be take care even the RK bird๐Ÿฆ! If we don't take care of them soon or later they gone๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
    It's very clear that were human are destroyer we obvious the mother nature! That why all of the disaster came to as!

  10. its great they wanna help birds, but i feel this video spends way too much time of them and not the crabs.

  11. The horseshoe crab is the most friendly animal on Earth. The Chinese has an old saying for people that are extremely friendly and honest by describing them as "friendly as a horseshoe crab". So next time you see a horseshoe crab, leave it alone. Don't harm it.

  12. What a fantastic learning experience. I'm just floored. I remember as a kid back on the east coast seeing and being afraid of these crabs. Knowing instictively that this creature had much right to be there, versus me. Wow. Thank you so much for 50 years later helping me understand who this creature is.

  13. This is not about these primitive animal…it's about how to exploit them. And what's with the bird nonsense. I've learned little about these bizarre creatures.

  14. Why don't find a new habitat for this crab. I see that alien crab on the Philippines trying to cultivate

  15. Iโ€™m glad to hear that ๐ŸŽshoe ๐Ÿฆ€s have blue blood to help save human lives. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปs up if you agree.

  16. i agree with most comments below, not that i am anyone of consequence. i find it interesting that they set up nets to catch birds in flight. when shown them, harvesting, the net i noticed just a close up of some yet living, no panoramic or distance shot of the mangled, wounded, and deceased. found it curiously hilarious that the bird teams measuring calipers were Scienceware… what is that? made by scientists for scientists. one must submit to the reality that however good the end may justify somethings means, agenda is ultimately a terrifying thing. do we want to save the horseshoe crab or use the horseshoe crab to save us? probably sponsored by manufacturers of that multi-billion whatever industry that drains their copper blood. i guess its better than unmasked asian women injecting bunnies in the face… truth is stranger than fiction, especially when we suruptitiously attempt to rationalize it with quasi educational documentaries as this. i don't know

  17. This doco did piss me off a lot. Which country still harvests seabirds?? …Anyway, never forget that science is the leading cause of cancer in rats!!…

  18. yes traumatais the birds u wanna save, for collecting some irrelevant data which wont help them either…
    so they can say: we knew how they died and studied them until it happend – it was a nice bird.
    we should take care of nature, not messure it to death!
    everybody knows whats going wrong but nothing changes… just collecting some data about it…

  19. If the Great Dying didn't kill horseshoe crabs, I kind of doubt humans will. Hopefully we'll be gone in less than a millenia, they just have to hold out until then.

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