FAITH & IMAGINATION | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech 2019

FAITH & IMAGINATION | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech 2019

now I would I sign had a quote he said imagination is everything it's the preview to life's coming attractions this is important information the biggest thing that always troubled me was my imagination because it was so big when I was a kid you know grew up poor but I was always imagining stuff you know my mama once a month would buy a Travel Magazine at the grocery store my father used to be so pissed off feel why we spending this money we ain't got we were poor she said slick we ain't got no money to take this boy nowhere but if he can look in these magazines maybe one day it'll cause him to want to travel I've been to so many countries around the world cuz of that magazine I just wanted to go see stuff my mama had enough sense to plant that seed it's like a Christmas time we should get in the car my daddy used to take us to the suburbs so we could see the lights you know we just drove around the lights and I could I was amazed at the suburbs because I would see these big houses with horseshoe driveways when you drove in and came out the other side so I told my daddy one time he's right I said daddy why don't we get one of them houses he said boy I ain't got no money for the epitaphs what I'm bringing you out here for she said one day you baby get one of them houses let me explain something to you because of that right there I've probably had in my lifetime now about 11 homes I got fo now in different states every house I own got horseshoe driveway when I was living they told me one time it was sitting up watch the TV my daddy looked at my mom and said bill he called my mom a beer and said can you believe that this little boy we had on TV she said she's like I can't believe this I used to see my daddy $5,000 a week you know when I first got on TV I was making 55 dollars a week so I see my mommy in 5000 week when I got in the Kings of Comedy my father was still living I showed my daddy one time how much money I made he said boy take me four years make this kind of money so I was able to give him something with my life so before my mom and him left this world I could give him something I bought him everything man houses cause French I bought him anything I could think try [Applause] you know it's crazy man I'm 62 years old I still want to be proudly I'm still hope today in heaven watching me they see me turning the side that's all ever it was in my imagination to take care of them you just got to bleed you just got to believe man don't ever give up faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen our faith is really the substance of it is just what you're hopeful that's all faith is it's just real hard hoping you know when you was little you say I hope I get a bike's at Christmas and you went on there one year the bike was under the tree you remember when you said you hope you graduate and you mess around and got a diploma didn't you remember when you said you hope you get a job and you mess around you got a job huh at one point in time the older you get just got to start clicking in that faith is really the substance of things hoped for that if you hope hard enough one day you ought to get smart and turned all that hoping into belief and what is belief nothing but faith and what is faith faces belief in things that you cannot see see this worth the part you gotta get the evidence of things not seen remember I told you that imagination is everything it's the preview to life's coming attraction man do you not put you alone now let me tell you the problem with your imagination problem with your imagination is you tell it to the wrong people if you want to kill a big dream tell it to a small-minded person you wouldn't you shared with your family and friends you know what they did they shot it down you know why they shot it down because they couldn't see it see your mom and damn your cars in them your friends they don't know so you got to be careful when you share your imagination with small minded people nobody else can see your imagination but you you

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  1. Part 1 here :
    Part 3 here :
    Part 4 here :
    Part 5 (NEWEST) here :

    "If you want to kill a BIG DREAM, tell it to a SMALL-MINDED person." – Steve Harvey. What part did you guys like the best? Let me know in the comments! Keep grinding, and your dream is on the way!

    Of things HOPED for
    And the EVIDENCE
    Of things not SEEN

    All FAITH is really
    The substance of it is just what you hope for.
    Thats all FAITH is. Its just REAL HARD HOPING.

    At one point in time, the older you get
    This got to start clicking in.

    Faith is really the substance of things hoped for
    That is if you hope hard enough

    One day you ought to get smart and turn all that hoping into BELIEF.

    And what is BELIEF?

    And what is FAITH?
    FAITH is the BELIEF in things
    that you cannot SEE.

    See this is the part that you have got to get.

    The EVIDENCE of things not SEEN.

    Remember I told you that IMAGINATION is EVERYTHING?

    Its the preview to lifes coming attractions?

    Now let me tell you the problem with your imagination.

    The problem with your imagination is you tell it to the wrong people.

    If you want to kill a big dream
    Tell it to a small minded person.

    You told it to your family and friends
    And you know what they did?
    They shot it down
    You know why they shot it down?
    Cause they couldnt see it.

    Be careful with sharing your IMAGINATION with small minded people.

    Because nobody can see your IMAGINATION but YOU.

    Steve Harvey
    Hebrews 11:1

    Reread this again. Slower this time

  3. Whatever you want in life, no one is going to give it to you, you have to go out there in the world, and get it yourself!

  4. My name is ethan Irwin and I want to be a filmmaker,actor,director and I have always wanted to be what I was promised one day to make a difference to make some change in people and me as well I was bullied through elementary through junior high school people been using me and name insults keeping me to get to my imagination while I make people smile and laugh it wasn't till high school I had a film class something sparked my unbeliveable imagination and my faith in something like that I can create with a lot of my imagination and faith and I have a friend who saw that and he made me do what I want to do is to show myself to the world and he saved me from people who doubted me and when I made my 2nd film people was laughing and touched and I decided that this is something I actually want so I keep making films getting new ideas and letting my imagination free and making me sure that this will be something that no one has seen before and I made so far 18 short videos and I get a lot of support now with my imagination screaming at me I knew let's keep going so thank you for this motivational video and I promise that I will never quit and give up and I will put everything that I love doing into faith I love all you have a nice night or morning

  5. Will you plz tell me to overcome lethargic schedule because I want to wake up early at morning to do some fitness related activities plz help me

  6. OK, Steve how about doing something for the rest of the world. You are funny but are just a run of the mill "very self absorbed".


  8. I'm a music producer and all I want Is to put my parents in a mansion because we poor and even tho we are they try their best to get me anything I wanted growing up, and I'm 20 now and recently quit my job trying to make it big in a country where there's no big musician since eddy grant and I don't know if I'll ever make it.

  9. Steve Jobs and Steve Harvey, two Steves, but with VERY BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN family values. Much respect to Steve Harvey for valuing his family (parents)

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