Fallen 2016 Fencing Class Scene

Fallen 2016 Fencing Class Scene

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  1. Holy shit this is the furthest away from fencing you can get, sabre guards with epee and foil blades, no real foot or bladework, no lames, no electric setups even if its wired over wireless and one of those backup people wasn't even wearing a glove lmao this is retarded

  2. This scene is better in the movie than in the book🙈😊 because it’s with him and not some other girl

  3. This is a very very poor example of fencing… epee blades with sabergrips/guards using parties and moves that are not even close to real fencing

  4. Hey, simple question: the fencing style is it sword (épée) or foil-fencing? looks like sword (épée) because the whole body seems to count as target and hit area, but foil would be more common. hopefully some sportsman can answer me that question.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards

  5. Fallen should have been a tv series. Bet if they did it that way it will be as successful as Vampire Diaries.

  6. can anyone tell me what the teacher says before the fights and when he gives the signals to start because i dont really understand them

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