21 Replies to “Family Bvsiness – Familia (KXNG CROOKED, Horseshoe G.A.N.G)”

  1. The Satsui No Hado flow , I'm Gouken I show Ryu-Ken.
    The Shoryuken fused with the Dark hado and then throw hadokens.
    I told you my flow is Akuma and the Kumite.
    I bumbaye with the flow i'm using.


  2. Verse 1]
    Crooked dice, dice
    Crooked dice, dice
    Rolling with Crooked, dice, dice
    Holding loaded shit like rolling with
    Crooked, Dice, Dice, get it, get it, get it
    Julius, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, who we missing?
    Oh, Demetrius
    Ghost niggas, ghost niggas, nigga now we even
    I get ghost power when I'm squeezing that Tommy Eakin
    You probably eating your vegetables when it's time for beefin'
    That mean you don't want beef you want a squash like some kind of vegan
    This the beginning, this the eve of the Adam's family
    Graduated from the savage academy
    Gladiators and we clap at anatomy
    Calculated when we plannin' a strategy
    Mental insanity, Amityville
    My will to kill is so strong that Jesus couldn't take the wheel
    The Satsui ain't no hotter flow I'm gookin'
    I show Ryuken, the show Ryuken fused in with the dark hado then throw Hadoukens
    I told you my flows Akuma in the Kuma tape
    I boombayeh with the flow I'm using

    [Verse 2: Dice]
    So I see a rapper still on that same shit
    Y'all basic, you ain't bar raising, get off the weight bench
    Me and my niggas going apeshit like Bee and Jay shit
    Creating greatness is like work, we call it day shift
    Every 365 my squad stock rage
    You can put my entire rap group in your top five
    Word of advice don't fuck around with Dice
    That's not wise, I give out Colombian Neckties
    Nigga that's mob ties
    Wait, you niggas come up missing on forensic files
    Catch a nigga when he with his Mrs. finna give his vows
    On his wedding day, let it spray, then I'm in and out
    I get away with murder you heard of the Simpson trial?
    Me and my niggas stick together this a brotherhood
    Y'all don't stick together you ain't even from your brother's hood
    Fuck with us I used to wish a motherfucker would
    But I get bored, I wish a motherfucker could

    [Verse 3]
    Yeah my family giving these people the business
    Shoes and Crook formed the group
    The Beatles linking with Hendrix
    These brothers compliment each other
    Like Snoop and D-R-E on Deep Cover
    I beat the beat up never recover
    Buzzard beater shit, my shot is quick like tryna beat buzzers
    This is America, I shoot a lethal weapon, the Glover
    Got y'all attention now but first you hate it
    Now you on the Crews' nuts just like Terry's perverted agent
    I spit aggressive on samples
    I'm finna behead every one of my competitors
    Theirs heads is resting on mantels
    I'm wrecking your castle
    Better respect it or meet death in war
    I'm Thanos my flow smoother than Tesla door handles
    Yeah, fuck a co-sign, you keep that, we don't need that
    We the only rappers in this industry that never need stamps
    I let you motherfuckers have it like a father's day gift
    Believe that, we giving rappers more shots than Drink Champs

    [Verse 4: Kenny]
    Stop coloring my hair, 'cause these niggas ruined it
    Now it's like an orgy, everybody is doing it
    Some even dyed their eyebrows
    I don't like how these niggas look with my style
    So on my bright idea, I turned the lights out
    Like click, switching up is light work
    Light switch killing niggas night night
    From my stick leave 'em dead like I hit 'em with a right right quick
    Leader of the fight shit I pilot
    They do whatever to get chicks I do know
    Never been a thirsty nigga been had the juice tho
    These rappers don't wanna see lyricists make it
    Like their tats is written all over their faces
    But when they bitch, want substance
    They play this, yo trust me
    'Cause I'll bare my soul where my heart like my cuff link
    I go in, without an enter sign, might end the human race
    With a line, that's the finish line
    Would speak on an enterprise for you fans to witness
    But I'ma keep it to myself because that's family business

    [Verse 5: KXNG Crooked]
    I'm like a retired mobster that moved to Miami's trenches
    Resigned from a Slaughterhouse, then he opens a family business
    And I finally understand why this industry got it out for me
    'Cause I really know, the niggas that hung Vanilla Ice off that balcony but back to family business
    Nobody's rapping iller, pack artillery, we strap concealer
    Reactin' fast as killers like asking a caterpillar to smack up a black gorilla
    We show you backwards niggas in a lab that you lacking chemistry
    Go crazy, getting it in
    Bars get made 'cause they been in a pen
    Flip those pages, rip those stages, killed your favorite and did it again
    Most your fans don't know this
    You get poked by your pimp while he kiss on his trick
    I'ma call that hocus pocus
    I been the dopest for the longest
    Whats my focus I want smoke with your whole goat list
    Like the ghost of Big L wrote this Magnum Opus
    I'm the closest to the greats nigga
    Closest to the greats

    [Outro: KXNG Crooked]
    Yeah family business
    We bust slugs off
    Y'all drunk off that dumb talk, you hear me
    Chuck Taylor stepping across a Persian rug
    That's how a godfather plug walk (Ay)
    We brung chalk (haha)
    'Cause nobody can out rhyme us (Nobody)
    See us we the coroners
    That mean nobody can outline us

  3. this guy said "on the crew's nuts like Terry's perverted agent" man these niggas are lyricists on a whole different level

  4. And i finally understand why this industry got it out for me cuz i really know the niggas that hung vanilla ice off that balcony

  5. This beat doesn't fit this crew. Not with what they're doin on it. C.O.B. is dope but they're only focused on metaphors and similes. Aside from Crooked, they're just looking for every way to say nothin at all. This beat just sounds like you should be sayin something real on it.

  6. this is far 2 underrated, its fuckin sad that the game has come to that, i respect the fuck out these artist, because they ain't gettin the exposure they should be, they prolly aint making the money the should be, because this new generation rather listen to mumble rappers in dresses , non lyrical , garbage , and these dudes keep on pushin, i hope yall blow the fuck up. this is the only kind of hip hop that means anything to me, pretty much the only music that can speak to me. Keep pushin yall ,

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