Fang Bo vs Ma Te | 2019 China National Championships

Fang Bo vs Ma Te | 2019 China National Championships

13 Replies to “Fang Bo vs Ma Te | 2019 China National Championships”

  1. Oh la la, Fang Bo has lost his mojo/confidence. Some long pushing rallies, WTF? Fang Bo lobbing against a defensive player. Oh boy.

  2. Fang bo shows to the world what is the real meaning of despair in life. Would ask what is the function of Fang Bo continue in the national team? Did the county pay him well enough? He can't even beat a defender. At least Xu xin and Ma Long eat defender as a breakfast. But fang bo just can't. But there were a lot of points that were so crazy!

  3. Ma Te proved how well-rounded his modern defense game is, able to vary from spinny backspins to dead balls with his Palio CK531A as well as offensive punch blocks and deep pushes with his backhand. Not to mention how flexible his forehand is, from versatile forehand chops to fishing defense topspins, and able to punish Fang Bo's loose balls.

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