Far Cry 4 | How To Use The Recurve Bow Like A Pro! | LoTeK Gamers

Far Cry 4 | How To Use The Recurve Bow Like A Pro! | LoTeK Gamers

yo what's happened what's going on everybody this is Quinn from low-tech gamers and yes I am doing a how to video on recurve bow mostly because this is my most favorite weapon in Far Cry 4 and in my opinion I think it's the best weapon in Far Cry 4 if it's completely silent very deadly against humans and animals 3 you can use your own ammo if you got 30 hours of arrows in your quiver that's a lot of killing you can do Plus you can pick them up and 4 is that it's very accurate for being a bow and arrow sort of a primitive weapon it is very good and I think it's pretty incredible that I find it to be the best weapon in the most-used weapon I ever use whenever I played Far Cry 4 now the only downfall with the bow is that it's a surefire weapon and what I mean by that is that you got to make sure that you're gonna hit the target before you pull the trigger and that's the downfall to the major downfalls of this weapon is that you know it's kind of hard to get into the mentality that you know hey it's better to wait a half a second and make sure you're on target and then pull the trigger then is just be trigger-happy and just go for it and hope you got it but you're not really sure so that's the one mental overcome you need to do when you use the recurve bow compared to you know coming from like a semi-automatic sniper or full-on assault rifle and that's you know that's one of the hardest things to do is to get into that mindset but once you do you kind of get a knack for it and you start getting a lot used to it and you slow down and you don't really rush your game you kind of slow down and you pay attention more and you kind of like more strategize so I'm gonna show you guys the do's and don'ts of recurve bow and hopefully you know I'll make it your favorite weapon too now there's between hun a gun and a recurve bow is how you I guess you walk with it with normal gun you don't shoot until you want to shoot both the recurve bow you gotta plan ahead of time you have to think hey I'm gonna be killing the guy here I should have this thing cocked and ready to go so when I do see someone whether it's planned or surprised I'm prepared I'm ready to shoot I'm not gonna be the one getting hit now here it's already cocked all I have to do is aim and let go the trigger it's thinking of you got to think forward you got to think ahead of time and take your time to make the shot compensate for the drop of the arrow don't just rush into it and by all means don't be afraid to take your time it's much faster to take the half a second and adjust your sight and make the kill than it is to miss reload another arrow and then try again so you know just take your time do right from the first time you won't regret it no sorry guys by selling a broken record I mean I'm sure you guys are going like hey you've already said that stop repeating yourself but I mean that is just I can't stress it enough because that is the biggest trick with this bow and I know people told me I had to stop use it because you know it wasn't working for me but just stick with it do not forget when you make a kill to pick up your arrows even if you have like the biggest quiver I think it holds 30 arrows don't quote me because I'm just guessing up top my head I think I looked at it earlier if I'm trying to remember I think it's 30 arrows don't go into it thinking oh ho my god I got so many arrows I don't need to go back and pick them up no pick them up because you will run out I've had missions where I made my goal to see if I never missed an enemy with an arrow if I can make it through the mission without running out of arrows and I still right now I mean I know it depends on the size of mission how many enemies there are and what but you won't regret you know making the mental a little bit and picking up your arrows and reusing them because you know it's just a smart thing to do I mean he wants to run high ammunition I'm not sure if you guys notice or not now but if you kill any animal with a bow and arrow you'll actually get what's called a clean kill and you'll get double skin when you skin the animal so just something to keep in mind when you're trying to craft stuff anyone I get you know you want to get double skins because obviously it goes faster and the less animals you have look for so just something to keep in mind another useful thing for the recurve bow and just another reason why it's one of my favorites now because an arrow travels so slow you have to do something called leading and this is actually a real term used and what that means is when you have a target that's moving so I decide because the arrow moves slow you have to kind of aim ahead of where the target is gonna be so at the point of intersection they meet and you make the kill now another thing that you're gonna have to compensate for is projectile drop and what that is simply is that arrow travels so slow that it takes time for it to reach the target and gravity pulls it down I mean yeah an arrow travels fast but compared to a gun it's actually 1/2 feet per second then a gun it's actually more than half so you have to kind of lob it in an exaggeration of words to hit your target thanks for watching guys I hope you liked it do me a favor just leave a comment CNET's because i'm trying to think of things I want to do but I'm thinking about it why don't just do things you guys want to see so leave a comment what you want to see and I'll try and make it happen actually I will make it happen I'll make my mission to make it happen so until then thanks guys

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  2. I found the best way to get used to the bow is to find a stationary target (a post, a tree, etc) and fire arrows at it from various distances away from it till you get a 'feel' for how far away it is in the game. after a bit of practice I found myself making some pretty impossible shots from unbelievable distances fairly often (never taken out a gunner from a moving vehicle tho . . . awesome bro!!)

  3. The recurve is my favorite, too, but I much prefer the other sight. To me, it's a lot easier to aim on the longer shots.

  4. Great video on using the recurve bow. You give some good tips and show what it can do. Thanks for making it.

  5. It takes some practices to master the weapon, I felt like guns are boring a few weeks ago so I started to use the recurve bow, I had a super hard time at first, I just can't hit anything, and after couple of times of failures I started to get kills using that weapon, It's like a process of building up confidence and trust on that weapon

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