FarCry 4 – How to use the Marksman Sight on the Recurve Bow

FarCry 4 – How to use the Marksman Sight on the Recurve Bow

hi guys and welcome to this video I've had a question from somebody called soul itsuka on youtuber coming to one of my other videos saying could you make a video about how to aim with the marksman on the other bow and how do you estimate how do you estimate the distance between yourself and the enemy soul I'm gonna give it my best go guys right what I recommend you do is you come here just for practice okay this is not an exact science I come up here to the Kira International Airport and there's a place here where you can perhaps practice and your bow skills there's plenty of areas but I found this one quite useful now you see this post here which is holding up the the gate towards the the airport I recommend using this now place a waypoint on the the gun turret the the weapon nest right next to the gate and it's pretty much the number of meters oh wait we're close to the gate so what you trying to do is place a marker point so you can start practicing on how far away you are with this site that will allow you to accurately shoot exactly where you're shooting if you were close range so I shot one in there close range and one about twenty meters away and you can see I've got those two arrows pretty much on point on the same spot where I shot them before now let's go back a bit further we're about 30 30 meters here okay so now somewhere between the top line which is zero and the second one which is 50 meters on your target side it will roughly shoot around 20 meters now as a sitar who these guys these guys are into interrupting my cheeto earlier go away how dare you I am trying to do something to help people here what are you doing get lost I'm okay anyway back to the tutorial guys I'm very sore okay so you can see the three arrows that we've now shot into that pose were really close together now as you go further back it gets a lot less accurate now there's no two ways about it Here I am about 50 meters away and I'm aiming for the 50 meter crosshair on the marksman rifle now there are a lot of variables involved here but just to show you a shot that 50 meter whenever through it the first three were really close together and as you can see that 50 meter one is slightly below but hey that is not bad that is pretty close to where we were shooting the others so between sort of zero and 50 meters you are going to be accurate as long as you've got an estimate of the distance now this is what I suggest you come to this location because that post is roughly the size of a person and the the target you've got there is very very narrow just like a person so it's a pretty good place to be here go this is exactly where you are now look if you you turn around and you've lost the the meter length go hit the weapon nest target again and face away and turn back and that's how you get that that number of meters back it is a bit of a glitch but anyway give give that a go now here we are about 80 meters away now I am slightly elevated so I've gone for a shot just slightly above the 80 80 meter mark now this is why I was saying earlier on guys it varies okay really varies but they go again we have got a narrow bang on exactly where the first three was shot now when you're slightly uphill you've got to bear in mind your arrow falls so when you're uphill in your roaming downhill you need to adjust slightly for that hopefully that last point showed you and exactly the same when you're downhill you need to adjust for it too so after a while just go there and practice guys after a while you'll be able to pull off a few shots at distance where the enemy hasn't spotted you and you can get them through stuff now here's another little trick when you spot an enemy on the map just put the marker on where you roughly think they are now gives you a rough idea of the distance they're away from you now this one this guy's around 50 metres away so I'm going to use the 50 metre crosshair to try and shoot him and there we go we've got a couple of shots on bang he's dead and it was really really fairly easy to do so here's one a little more close-up so somewhere between zero and fifty remember these are these are arrows drop vertically so you can pretty much be slightly inaccurate but after a while you practice you're going to be pulling off these 80 to 100 meter shots I mean I have to be honest hundred meter shots are not impossible I've done a couple sadly haven't recorded them but in this clip in this video I'll show you a few of the 80 meter shots of mastication it's just for you guys to learn how to use this particular marksman site all you need we practice with it and get a good feel for the distance is now here again as a Ghana roof missed the first shot second shot now again the 80 meter cross this you can just barely see the guy in in the hut Indian in the distance 80 meters is about as much as you need nobody's going to spot you any closer than that so I have to say 100 meters is a bit of a waste of time it's far too random far too far away and the arrow just drops far too much it's too hard to be accurate on 100 meters now look I love this shot I was just waiting for him to walk into it another agent need to cross here so you're getting the idea from from the screen from the screens I'm showing you that was a bit of a middling range say sort 50 meters getting an idea of the range that you can buy these things out depending on the cross hairs that was between the 50 and 80 and again guys look if your close up don't bother trying to faff around just go straight for the top cross here but this guy again he was between 50 60 70 maybe and there we go hit him in the mid room look this is all about practice there is there is only one way to set you've just got to keep practicing try it and hopefully this video has given you a few tips tricks and ideas on how you can use this marksmen scope it is awesome and I love playing with it guys if you like this video please give me a like leave me your comments or just subscribe that would be great thank you and good you

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  1. I actually came here since most "recurve marksman tutorials" for Far Cry 3 are just Bogus Bozos showing off their ineptness. Thank you MenWhoStareAtGames for this… as it applies to Far Cry 3 & Far Cry 5 as well. Special thanks @Atakin Aydin for the tip on how to gauge the enemy! Awesome video.

  2. Every Time I put a sight in my bow it glitches and takes the sight off for some reason, does anyone know how to fix this?

  3. I've always just been able to do it. I do the same thing I do with the M79 grenade launcher, guess. I don't know how but it's like my reflexes give an educated guess and most of the time I get it right. It just happens for me, I don't really think about it too much but I guess some might struggle. Like I said I don't know how I do it, I just do.

  4. Am i the only one not using a sight on the bow? I think it looks retarted and without the scope it looks like a real hunting bow (the other bow looks way better for this but is also worse in all aspects). I am consitently hitting 100m shots with no scope, in the north, still using the bow. Cuz autocross is op af

  5. The bow is unique, exotic, and very effective. A silent killer too. On Blood Dragon, its less accurate. But, it could be used effectively

  6. I dont know why, but i find that reflex sight (the dot one) is easier for me :/ marksman sight gives me anxiety

  7. Thanks for the tip! I'm into actual archery and love the bow in this Farcry, just didn't figure out how to understand the lenghts yet.. that's a pretty neat trick! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  8. easiet technique :
    if the enemies upper body fits exacly between the 0-50 mark you can kill it easly with aiming the middle dot to the head
    if the enemys body fits the 0-50 mark you need to aim with the 80 mark

  9. Awesome vid – thanks very much. Just picked the bow up because I like stealth kills but I was nigh on useless with it! Looking forward to using it after this.

  10. Well i must be doing something wrong then because when i use my bow the arrow doesnt even get 10 meters without dropping on the ground…

  11. Nice helpful video buy why did you have to record music with it? I had to turn it off in the end as I could barely hear what you were saying. Sorry, I have a low tolerance for videos with music when people are narrating.

  12. Good tips for practice. Though I like it the most with the default pin sight and default black and red paint job.

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