Fastest & Easiest way to remove a Fence Post

Fastest & Easiest way to remove a Fence Post

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  1. I think you're doing it wrong. Apparently without much effort, the attractive women I know have theae things done for them for free. Ooh..the water bill thing too.

  2. Nassrin… Please consider starting a diy home improvement series. The actual fact that you really know what you are talking about and doing makes a perfect pitch for HGTV. It doesn't hurt that ypu are drop dead gorgeous either! Love… Your loyal fan, John Hernandez.

  3. those posts are shallow. try that in an cold climate where the posts are cemented 3 ft deep on clay.

  4. The process is called "jetting" and has been used throughout man's history to dig holes, remove mountainsides and tunnel under immovable objects….4X4's that rot at the base can be removed much easier using this technique with a digging bar…Helpful vid for the layman..

  5. Ok guys tell me who didn't watch this just because of the hot chick doing it. Just dig them down a few inches below grade and cut them with a sawzall

  6. Ok, I admit, I thought this was too good to be true, so must be fake, especially give the pretty girl in skimpy clothes… seemed like it was a load of crap trolling for point with a pretty face. But since I had the stuff for this, and didn't want to go buy a jack and chain, and since no one in the comments called BS, I gave it a shot. Much to my surprise, it worked exactly like in the video! I and my son were amazed!

  7. From the fence in the background……..this must be in San Antonio……. they need to learn how to build a proper fence, use deck screws for starters and not nails.

  8. Why are you removing the posts?
    You should be fixing the fence behind you. The neighbors kids are peeking at you

  9. These poles look like they are only about buried about 2feet. In my area the need to be buried at least 4 ft because of the frost level so they are much harder to get out.

  10. You cheated! It was that shirt that gave you the leverage. I bet you can’t do that with a bikini top on!

  11. Hi…bet you could of had a line of teenage boys willing to help…I know I would have been…lol.😎

  12. Today I pulled a lot of poles this way quickly without any equipment. Thanks everuthing works as on video). Like you and style).

  13. Push it in further n further and it will loosen up. I used this method and it worked. Made work fast n easy

  14. Sweetheart, I love looking at you and watching you, but don't you have a vehicle. or any straps.

  15. First you need a lot of water pressure which isn’t everywhere then you need sandy soil. Don’t think this would work at 50% of the places because of clay soil or rocky ground or low water pressure to get that sucker out.

  16. 3 mins in and she didnt even crack the ground yet she wants equal pay…. XDDDD gtfo men rule the world…….

  17. so, I have been doing mine with a post hole digger. It is WAY faster than pick and shovel but this may be even better yet! I'm gonna try it.

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