23 Replies to “Fastest Skidsteer Fence Post (Hammer) Driver”

  1. Youd think they would have gps positioning and self levelling and a 10 post magazine loading mechanism in this day and age. Or are my ideas just back from the future'

  2. Just what I need. Do you find it that in clay soil the post buried using an auger eventually loosen up?

  3. Dude, string with a fishing weight and tied off at the depth you want. Perfect plumb and depth every time.

  4. It is kind of a waste of wood posts to line the entire fence with them out in Kansas we only use wood post for our three corner post then the rest are steel posts for barbwire fence.

  5. Guys… can you indicate whether this pounder can deal with 2 7/8" diameter 10 foot pieces of drill stem posts? Where do you rent these from?

  6. I don't want to bash this product because it is very well built and it saves a TON of work but I will say this: this attachment is not quite a one man machine if you are going for a perfectly straight post. Also, if you are going for precision placement, say along a fence line, which is what I do, you will spend a lot of time in getting the point exactly where you need it because not all posts, especially 4", are heavy enough to pull the jaw all the way down with the spring that is on the claw. If you are just roughing it in, you can easily do it solo. If you want precision placement and a straight drive, you NEED someone placing the post and helping you keep it straight. Next, I love the added weight kit. I can't remember what it adds for weight and striking force but it helps a lot with 8" posts and rail road ties which this attachment handles no problem. The downside to it is you can't just take the weight off as it is granular steel that's inserted inside the main weight. You could see the issue you might have while driving smaller posts as it pounds them way farther in per strike. The only reason that's a problem is because of the geometry of how the loader itself moves as it's raised and lifted. For example, the skidsteer I have is a CAT 236B. As the loader comes down, the bottom opening of the pounder moves away from the machine so you have to move with it. If you're driving the smaller posts in softer material, that post might move 2 feet in one strike. If your loader comes down 2 feet and out 6 inches (for example. I don't know exactly how far it moves but you get the point) your post is then crooked and has already created a hole which is impossible to changed unless you pull the post and start a new one. I'm not trying to bash this attachment. It has paid for itself since I've owned it and saved me a lot of time and wear and tear on my body. I'm simply trying to give some pros and cons for anyone considering purchasing one.

  7. I've never seen one of these before. Pretty impressive to drive something that wide into the ground without making a hole 1st.

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