Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi)- GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Top Speed Countdown

Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi)- GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Top Speed Countdown

hello everyone I am brief 1 3 2 2 in this video serves as an update to the fastest podcast video where I show the best fully plated sports cars in terms of top speed from you from each need about the series check the original sports cars video brother wise let's see where the new Paragon r8f drafter an easy sport fall into that list and we're starting much further down the order this time pretty much exactly the same as what we saw from the supercars from this update they had great lap times and then in terms of top speed they really weren't that great and the same is true here in 47th place overall for the sports cars class we've got the EC Sport which was the star of the show in the lap time testing video but only has a top speed of a hundred and fourteen point three miles per hour which is pretty it's bit significantly slower than the majority of sports cars that you're likely to see even you know some of the really older sports cars so if there's any track where it's got a lengthy bit of straight you really really don't want to be using the EC sport obviously it gets all of its speed as we saw from the lap time testing video when it comes to cornering and I guess the same is true for most of the cars here if there's any kind of lengthy straight you don't want to be using an energy retro custom either so we're gonna take a little bit of a jump now to 39th place with the Sentinel classic here because in 38th place we have the 8f drafter now the 8f drafter has a top speed of 117 point five miles per hour so just a quarter of a mile per hour quicker than what we saw from the sentinel classic and again it's okay as a top speed but it's nothing special you know for example a lot of the older sport cars like the 9f the folks at the serranos even quicker actually but a lot of those older sport cars around the 119 hundred and nineteen point five mile per hour top speed Serano for example with 120 I think it was our 121 so 117 isn't that great it's a bit better than the AC spot but you know it's nothing to write home about and again we're seeing the same sort of story as what we saw from the supercars from this DLC they're great around a lap in terms of lap time and they can get really good lap times but when it comes to top speed they're really not all there having said that we do have a car that makes it into the top 10 for top speed for the sports class we've got the comet SR bumped down to eighth place now because the Paragon R is in seventh place with the top speed of one hundred and twenty three point three miles per hour that's a pretty respectable top speed now we're gonna see a comparison between it and the pariah obviously because the prior is you know far away there were number one when it comes to vehicles you can use in a sports class race so again the pariah destroys everything in the sports class when it comes to top speed but at least that's a respectable top speed from the Paragon R and the the impressive lap time that we saw it get from the that the lap time testing video kind of kind of lends itself to that now we know where that time comes from if it builds up that speed up to that top speed pretty quickly that's what I thought then we can see where that lap time comes from even if it isn't maybe quite as good in the corners as some of the other sports cars that we've seen so you know 123 point 5 isn't too bad but remember that there is also the Paragon R armoured version which I can't test now because it can't be used in regular races and from the limited free roam testing that I've done it seems like the armored version of the Paragon R is even quicker and pretty noticeably saw as well so we could see an even better top speed from the armored version of the Paragon car but you can't use it in a race anyway so I will test it as soon as I can but obviously I can't do it now and it doesn't really matter for racing anywhere so that's pretty much it if you want to see all of the video the old vehicles from the sports class or in the entire game tested check the playlists they're all down there if you want to see all the positions that we haven't covered in this video what the top five are or anything like that they're all covered in the playlist just check that out there's plenty of videos for all the classes in the game and every single vehicle tested even planes and helicopters and boats but for now that's pretty much it remember to read the description for more info comment with your thoughts like the video if you enjoyed I found it helpful subscribe for more and consider supporting on patreon all becoming a member on youtube for early testing results and thank you so much for watching I really really do appreciate all the support and I'll see you next time

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  2. By the way the fastest car in the super class is the Nero custom. Take a fully modified one with non bulletproof tires and shoot out the front two and drive the car around until they fully burst. Now line your car up to where you want to quantum tunnel to, hold L2/LT and R2/R2 till you have a full burnout, then release the brakes then put them back on just before the skid marks end. Now just hold the brake and accelerator, sit back and enjoy travelling at (literally) 230 mph.

    Oh also good luck turning.
    Have fun!

  3. My Gt looking Ferrari car in the game is faster. It's about 140. The MPH Dash thing says that. The Pariah is not the fastest!

  4. I have the Paragon R Armoured and when shifting into either 8th or 9th, I noticed (while going straight on the highway) that its revs would start to stagnate, and at one point, it actually started slowing down until I tapped the handbrake to downshift; so there may be another bug, or maybe it's my controller. I guess we'll see if other people have the same problem

  5. After doing lots of testing with the Paragon R, I've discover that anything after 5th gear it gets slower. That means any other gears going upwards simply don't have the power to keep pulling it along, so goes slower. This sucks for any races which have long stretches in.

  6. ok so can they finally put out a transmission with 25 gears..? if they’re testing things out for GTA 6 might as well go 25 gears

  7. wait, they have a sentinel classic???

    jeez they really have so many forgettable cars in here

  8. Excluding an opressor and anything that flies, the next best thing in modern GTA is an armored car.

    Now we got the Paragon R and the Schafter V12 to compare on the "armored class".

  9. 139.8 me &2nd tied with the new armor vehicle in in-line event fastest speed in aland vehicle , cypress hill video on my channel check it

  10. @Broughy1322 – you mentioned on a Twitch stream how to overcome the issue with cars like the Paragon being stuck in 8th gear. What was that again?

  11. Does anyone know if changing the spoiler on the S80 will improve traction? Personally i think the stock looks best.

  12. I'm sensing a trend with these casino cars… they're like the Dominator GTX of their respective classes… very good on technical tracks, but snails on top speed races

  13. Paragon R is so inconsistent. Most of the time it does 111mph for me, but some times I was able to hit 138mph

    Edit: O was only be able to hit 138mph when that final gear had been hit. It normally doesn't do that. They should fix it so it would be more consistent. (And hopefully stay at 138 😋)

  14. How does the Paragon have an armored version but the 8F Drafter doesn't? That car sounds like the old Schafter V12 Armored..

  15. Awesome content as always and did you say the armoured versions was faster? It seems like a good all arounder for a free car.

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