Fat loss Cardio CIrcuit

Fat loss Cardio CIrcuit

hey guys welcome back to the bomb with Channel today we'll be performing a set of cardio workouts which can be performed at home with or without resistance and if you enjoy our videos don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe to the Montford channel so let's get started yeah let's start with 30 seconds jumping jacks speed it up get going make sure your heart rate is pumped up grab a set of light tumbles if you have to otherwise with or without weights this works equally good now ten more seconds left keep going yes five seconds more moving on to the next exercise the isometric squat fold hold yourself in the squat position with or without dumbbell for 30 seconds can you feel your quads on fire don't give up guys you're almost there ten more seconds five seconds more and moving on to the next exercise push-ups become quite challenging after the last two exercises but push yourself guys for a few more seconds and then you get a 30 second break before moving on to the next set of three exercises come on guys last 10 seconds five seconds more and your break starts now ready guys let's get moving with step ups for the next 30 seconds few more seconds guys last 15 seconds 10 more seconds keep moving last 5 seconds and moving on to the next exercise alright guys time for a favourite leg exercise the squats speed up guys few more seconds last 15 seconds come on 10 seconds more come on 5 seconds get ready for the next exercise now let's fire up our triceps come on 20 seconds more before the next break are you feeling the burn keep going ten more seconds five seconds from the next break 30-second break guys have your fluids gather all your energy are you ready for the last set of four exercises let's begin with t rotation 20 seconds to go fifteen seconds away from the next exercise keep going five more seconds come on and moving on to the next let's pump up a heart rate with some fast high knees come on guys speed up fifteen seconds away from the next two exercises ten more seconds last five seconds moving on to the next are you ready for the last couple of exercises let's get going with the lunges only fifteen seconds away from the last exercise ten more seconds keep going last five seconds and be moved to a last exercise crunch kicks let's fire up our apps guys the last 20 seconds guys come on I know it's exhausting yes ten more seconds awesome last five seconds and we have come to the end Emily we've completed the first round of the circuit of the circuit and access becomes easy we try increasing the difficulty levels by increasing the number of rounds of the sir so that's it for today guys hope you enjoyed your video so like comment share and subscribe

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  1. Fantastic workout. Just by watching the workout, my muscles felt pumped and my metabolism increased 😀👍 Very effective workout 🏋️‍♀️

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