Fat Loss Circuit Training With Farmers Walks – Drop fat with NO cardio

Fat Loss Circuit Training With Farmers Walks – Drop fat with NO cardio

this is Nick Nelson that scientist a muscle and we've got for you today is a form of fat loss circuit training done using dumbbell farmers walks instead of cardio now fat loss circuit training is a very powerful training technique for burning fat essentially you are doing a regular weight training workout but instead of taking a rest in between sets you're actually doing cardio training now this could be step ups this could be running on the treadmill stair machine what have you pretty much anything is going to work for that now the version I'm going to show you here like I said it's going to be using dumbbell farmers walks instead of cardio training now this is going to give you a more resistance training kind of a focus so it's really going to stimulate a lot of muscle mass you're gonna be under load pretty much the entire workout so pick up a fairly light set of dumbbells the first time you do this I'm using a couple of 65 pound dumbbells and the handles attachments that I'm using that you'll see on here are called Cal stacks which essentially makes the dumbbell into a Kill Bill style a handle so you can use those if you've got them you can use dumbbells you can use kettlebells whatever you want to do doing the farmerie walks up and down the gym floor so now in the normal fat loss circuit training I usually recommend 40 seconds of moderate paced cardio in this case rather than use a timer I'm actually going to do three circuits up and down my basement gym floor here so that way I don't have to set timers I don't have to watch this stopwatch so if that was something that kind of held you back from doing the style training this is a great option for you you can do dumbbell farmers walks and set a certain distance and then just keep that distance every time make sure that you get that distance between every one even if you have to set the dumbbells down in between your finishing of the you know set distance if your grip gives up for example then you just set them down rest briefly and then keep going into you get that set distance every time so what I'm gonna do here is three sets of explosive trading so I'm going to do one kettlebell snatch single arm kettlebell snatch and then I'm going to do three sets of dumbbell bench press and then three sets of light dumbbell rows and then squats and then a stiff-legged deadlift type of movement and so putting all these together you're working every major body part you're working every major muscle group you're using pretty much every muscle in your entire body this is going to be great for developing a lot of cardiovascular capability without having to resort to doing cardio which is not always a fun thing to do so this is what it looks like and I will quit talking and get training and so that is fat loss circuit reading done using dumbbell farmers walks no this is a very powerful technique you're going to be loaded the entire time you're doing this training session so definitely keep that in mind when you're selecting your weights start later than you think you're going to need because you're looking about pretty fast especially once you start doing the back training which is more intensive than everything else into it this technique is really good with crank your metabolism up it's going to do it without traditional cardio so you could do this without any machines you don't need a whole lot of space only these are good set of dumbbells in here all set

15 Replies to “Fat Loss Circuit Training With Farmers Walks – Drop fat with NO cardio”

  1. Apparently 3 people prefer doing boring traditional cardio.This is a great circuit and idea!  Especially for someone who hates conventional cardio (like me).  I wish I hadn't lost my pair of kettlestacks.  Damn things dropped off the face of the Earth.

  2. Hi Nick, i love your videos and training tips!  What kind of kettlebell were you using for the snatches?  It looked like an adjustable weight plate kettlebell handle hybrid. 

  3. Do you have your own facebook?   also I like to start approperate exercise for begginner.   3 or 4 time a week? Rep 5x Sets 5x? what is best I am not asking for Dr Jackel n Dr Hine.  I just want be strong and good shape in my age 45 argh.. also lists for begginner

  4. what do you call that  handle?  Its cool design that allow to add weight.. and what brand can I look for?

  5. To ordinary folks who want to get thinner–but can't get started. Go Google Skinnimaker System right away.

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