Fat loss Circuit training with Mr shut up and train – Atlanta Meetup – Trip to Florida

Fat loss Circuit training with Mr shut up and train – Atlanta Meetup – Trip to Florida

34 Replies to “Fat loss Circuit training with Mr shut up and train – Atlanta Meetup – Trip to Florida”

  1. Good job people… I can say most of the trainers i see training people in the gyms in cleveland ohio need thrown off a bus. They wanna be their friend. they make em laugh. they hit on the girls… The owners of these gyms need to do some massive firing. Makes me think so little of the management for allowing this to happen. But i love this channel. You guys rule. hard core, serious and you have goals.

  2. Mannnnn … you have to come back thru and stop in ATLANTA. I wish I had known I would have came thru!!!

  3. keep put in that work bro stay blessed you and the wife Manofgodfitness out.

  4. What a couple…man hope to find someone that's willing to just go …and go some more….good vibes!! She's a BEAST ..goes hard in everything you do bro..,,#keeper!!

  5. I'm going into kinesiology and I just want help with the best route to take from an almost high school graduate senior and wanting to become a personal trainer, get into sports medicines and etc

  6. I wish I knew. I'm watching the video late. I would have come thru. I appreciate what y'all do. Keeps me motivated

  7. wat up bro I missed up i ate to much but in saying that am back to it training hard no point to kick my self but one mistake.if you have a cheat day when is a good time to have a cheat meal before you train or after if you give me some tips bro much appreciated keep it up be positive every day and live life to the fullest and GET MONEY"….O.G 😎 1042 Nz

  8. What's up man? Love your channel. Been riding with you from the beginning. I'm also from VA. I do have a question for you. What's your take on the MP45 workout plan? I'm strongly considering it. If you can make a video about it or just reply back here, that would be great. Keep up the good work bruh.

  9. Seeing you (yall) build this thing for the ground up is inspirational. 96 Civic, Oatmeal on the go, target baths. Salute. No excuses. I am inspired

  10. Great video road trips are always challenging but fun! Another good weigh in I know you don't like the scale but I am ole school! Thanks for the motivation.

  11. Are you coming back through Atlanta ? Would love a Q&A session? Just bought some Halo Top Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream thanks for the info.

  12. Very dope vid man, you guys while look back at this when your channel really blows up and crack up lol πŸ™

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