20 Replies to “FC Dallas vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC | HIGHLIGHTS – June 26, 2019”

  1. Did FC Dallas watch “The Atlanta Falcons Guide on Holding a Lead” because that sure didn’t work well

  2. Jesus christ. It took us so goddamn long to get replay technology that's been around for decades implemented in referee decisions. And now, once again, right here on youtube I can pause the footage and move frame by frame with the comma and period keys and easily see how offside Dallas' first goal was, yet apparently this function doesn't exist in the MLS's VAR system. You don't even need it, it was so egregiously offside. This is at least the fourth time VAR has undeniably screwed over the Whitecaps this season. What the hell, VAR. Do better.

  3. The Whitecaps are good at all out attacking when they're down…but this is unsustainable. It doesn't matter that 5 players are away on international duty; the owners must seriously stop being cheap, and find players that can win games.

  4. I guess in the US they don't understand the concept of offside… it is like explaining what's offside to a girl… they'll never understand

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