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  1. Hello Kevin, as a very beginner I do like your paintingstyle as well the subjects. For sure I like your continue explaning what you're doing to help us. You are a good teacher/instructor. Greetings from The Netherlands, Harley

  2. Como pode sujar a tela com umas pinceladas!!! Os meus olhos vê o que você quer que eu veja e isso é fantástico!!!!!!👏👏👏😍🇧🇷

  3. Thoroughly enjoy when I find a good acrylic tutorial! Fine art acrylic tutorials are hard to come by and your paintings are beautiful!

  4. i wanna ask you do you paint right from tube when paint with oil or what? i men if you paint with acrilic you use water but i dont know what to use when paint with oil. -?

  5. Saludos desde España, eres un gran maestro, lástima que no emitas en español para poder seguir todos tus consejos. Un afectuoso saludo.

  6. I would reeely like to know how you painted the pillars….that uneven n perfect look is hard to achieve….bt its missed in the video

  7. It's funny, I started painting recently and a lot of videos I watch around the net mention selling the paintings. I kinda went into this thinking no one would ever want to actually buy one of my paintings and that this was just for fun for me to hang up in my office and was essentially worth no actual real money. All I can think is "Wait, people will buy these instead of just learning to have fun painting?"

    This is probably not going to be possible to answer because of so many variables, but at what point do paintings become worth selling? I don't even know if mine are good enough to attract a single buyer, and I don't know if I'd ever actually be able to let them go, but the idea that my hobby could turn into a little side income would be pretty welcome.

  8. I'm going to paint my first big painting tomorrow and this is so inspiring! Keep up the good work, the world need more ppl like you!

  9. I love how you put in all the work: voice, talent and camera/sound. Very strong techniques to learn. I have my own video on painting dropping today if you want to check out!

  10. 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💕.
    Very Nice. Good Work👌💖.
    I Wish To Draw a Desert😅!
    To Saudi Arabia💚😊.

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