Fence Not Needed At Parts Of Mexico Border | MSNBC

Fence Not Needed At Parts Of Mexico Border | MSNBC

32 Replies to “Fence Not Needed At Parts Of Mexico Border | MSNBC”

  1. We need to fly down to the Panama Canal and build the wall there for starters as theres less wall to build. The Democrats are trying to turn America into one BIG Plantation..

  2. i'm not a Democrat but i can agree that probably in the very remote areas of the desert that electronic surveillance, sensors, trucks, ATV and horse patrols and even helicopter, make a wall perhaps not even needed for what few people that will actually cross at this spot.

  3. We need to start keeping them out, and build a wall. Then start doing whatever is needed to keep them out. Identify them, and deport them. If our laws don't allow it, then support vigilantes who will protect us, using what ever force is needed. We never want to physically harm anyone, but if we must, we should.

  4. Just because there's been less arrests in illegal immigrants doesn't mean that there isn't a lot still crossing.

  5. Aprehensión are low 😂😂😂 that just shows that you guys are not very effective at catching these people

  6. You’ve got it under control? Huh good one, tell that the 12 million illegal immigrants that made it over the Mexico border in 2016.

  7. I’m a Mexican to and this is just wrong trump just needs to now what family’s he’s seperating!😕

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