9 Replies to “Fence Planning & Layout”

  1. Wow, different city's don't allow you to have privacy fence, that's just really bad. I would put tall privacy fence on my property, no matter what they say.

  2. Seriously u Americans like to make urself look so stupid.
    Never ever take down ur string line .the string line is ur best friend to build a straight fence.when ur putting ur post in.
    Next is talk in meters and mills .
    And never put a post near the house cause u dont know if u are going to hit footings.set ur post 300 mill away from the house and run ur rails into the house.
    I think u need Australians to come over a show u how to build.or this stakes in the ground is just crap.

  3. Wow this is an excellent video. I just bought a new house and this will help me alot. Thanks Lowe's for all your help!

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