Fence Video On How To Install Tension Wire For Chain Link Fence

Fence Video On How To Install Tension Wire For Chain Link Fence

hey this is John fix the fence 503 9 3 5 2 3 3 1 I've been getting some comments on YouTube from you guys about doing some tension wires so this video is about tension wire and I'd like to thank you for your comments and concerns about getting this stuff up in a proper position it is important for the customers because they are what put food on our table so anyway it's probably what you're going to need here for our gloves maybe these are called brace bands ok you'll see that what we're going to need also the brace band that's a ratchet you know go look at the Turf bird there this is the business card holder and I've been telling you about that one is another one of these turf birds here cow Judy here's the come-along you're probably going to need that pull jack bolt cutters you need that cut tension wire with and this is what's called the hog ring pliers okay and here's some of these hog rings here ok and then this is the t-bar ok and I'll show you how to use that and then of course I did tell you in the last turf bird video that we got the the deluxe model and this is the one that I did send to the president and he sent me a thank-you notes ok anyway I was telling you guys probably need a pair of pliers ok don't forget that but anyway this is how you do the loop on the tension wire this is 9 gauge smooth wire go ahead and put yourself a little wrap in it like that I don't know you can see that and then that's why your pliers are so handy you want to take your pliers grab on to it put your thumb up against it kind of come around follow it around make a nice little wrap okay and then you can cut the thing off like that and then I'll show you where it goes okay now remember the brace band that I was telling you about over there on the end of the truck with the turf birds here's a nut and bolt now what we're going to do is we're going to take this off and we're going to set this in here okay so I'll show you what it looks like when I'm done okay so once you have it in place and you got your off key your loop inside and the brace band with the nut bolt go ahead and tighten it up and put it into place and then I'll show you what it looks like when we get it tightened up on the other end okay okay so make sure you put the tension wire on the outside of the fabric here in between my posts and the chain link okay and then you cut off your excess bring it on down here measure it up get yourself a little bit of measurement there you want to cut this up with that okay and then you can either come up or down I kind of like to go up through and then what you want to do is you want to get your t-bar here sit it through there okay and then what you want to do is you want to twist it up and away from okay and tighten just just give it a good yank okay and that ought to be good then take this off you want to keep your tension on there maybe just kind of use your t-bar to bring it around okay and you could always either cut it off like that take your tires and give it a good rap like that too so there's plenty of ways to do it you know as long I guess the main thing as long as you get the job done in the time that you've allowed the job to take so anyway fix the fence five oh three nine three five two three three one showing you how to do tension wire here in Portland Oregon

31 Replies to “Fence Video On How To Install Tension Wire For Chain Link Fence”

  1. Hello John

    I really like your videos and I'm starting to make some Chain Linck Fence pieces in Brazil.

    I am in doubt as to the tensioners for gates. Could you help me find the best solution?

    Truss Rod Tigteners What is the best way to install?

    Please reply to [email protected]

  2. Good tip with the T bar, doing big project out at my place on Long Beach peninsula & the tension wire is always a pain in the rear.

  3. Thanks John,
    Will this still work if the fence is already up? I put up a 5' chainlink in Rockcreek Or. and forgot to install the tension wire. I hope it's a quik fix..

  4. Can that T-bar be bought anywhere? Or do I need to find someone with a welder and make one? Local Hardware store has never heard of it

  5. hi John, can i purchase the d shape brackets for the chainmesh tensioners, they dont sell them in australia they are still lacing the ends with wire, the American way is far tidier

  6. Question, don’t you have to interlace tension wire onto whole bottom of fence? Cause it’s not hooked up to the bottom of the fence???

  7. Great video John! I do have to ask, do you only attach the brace bands at the end of each run? Or between every post? We have about 2 – 50' runs to put on an existing fence and 1 – 70' run along the back. Thanks in advance for any help!

  8. do you have to weave the tension wire through the bottom of the chain link fence? I'm trying to keep my dog from getting out under the fence…

  9. Hi John, thanks for the video mate! I would like to ask if it's OK to run the tension wire around the end posts? I don't have any of the tension wire brackets that your video shows. It would be for a plant climbing privacy fence so does not need to be pretty as it would get covered in plants. Cheers.

  10. I was wondering if it is possible to cut an access hole in chainlink fencing.  I am using a dog kennel to hold chickens and need an access for them. The door needs to be used for us to get into the area our selves

  11. I'm about to re-fence my back yard to contain an overgrown husky that climbs and digs. People tell me I should bury the bottom of the fence. Anybody know where there is some information on the best way to do that???

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