32 Replies to “Fences 2016 – TV Scene, "I ain't got to like you'" Scene”

  1. He 100% failed giving his speech. He’s speech would’ve been perfect if he had a butler or a slave of his own. There’s 4 words he should’ve said, 4 words any civilized parent should say to their children. He should’ve ended his speech by saying “Because I Love You!!!” He care more about his alcohol.

  2. I feel like James Earl Jones did a much better job. This version of Troy feels too softly spoken, his agression is too dumbed down

  3. Everyone should have to watch this. But I guess too many snowflakes would melt and we'd have a national flood.

  4. Loved it when he said "ain't got to worry about if somebody you , you got to make sure that they doing right by you …"

  5. Being a man out here in the real world I realise now that my dad was like this to me to prepare me. When my family eats it's on me, but if my family suffer and don't have what they need it's my fault. I agree nurturing is needed for a child to grow but tough love is vital! I know what it's like trying to get everyone to like you but I have learnt from that and now do exactly as this boys father says. Give a fuck if they like you or not, make sure they do right by you!

  6. So, we're supposed to ignore that Troy cheated on his wife, got his brother put away in a loony bin, and used said brother's money to buy that house? Oh, and he screwed his son out of a chance to go to college.

  7. Classic American drama and a performance in the same league with Marlon Brando's "coulda been a contender" scene from "On the Waterfront."

  8. That was an act of love and at the same time showing discipline, for those who do not understand discipline do not fully comprehend what love is

  9. The only disrespectful part in this whole scene was the son asking "why you ain't never like me" ALL THAT I DO FOR YOU AND YOU DARE TO ASK THAT QUESTION🤦‍♂️

  10. This is symbolic with modern day youngsters.They often think the world owes them something (with not much regard for parents)!

  11. My little brother just turned 18, and he really needs this talk before he goes off into the real world.

  12. I tell my son all the time that the day he can do what he wants under my roof is the day that he's willing to fight me and can beat me. Do I hate my son? No. Do I treat him badly? No. He would be the first to tell you that I'm his favorite person. But there's a point where a father is the only one who can make a son understand and hold him accountable, to make him into a respectable and independent man. When my son misbehaves, which is rare, I do make him call me 'sir'. He knows it now and I don't even have to say anything. But we still have the closest relationship that I think is possible between a father and son.

    The old school boomers thought that the only way to make your son into a man was to treat him like he was in boot camp. Yell, scream, intimidate, dominate, never show any love. I think there's a middle ground. My son might say I'm his best friend, but he'd also say I'm the one he fears the most. And I think that's a good middle ground. I think Michael Jordan probably felt that way, as well. His father was his best friend but also his biggest role model and someone he had a tremendous amount of respect for. He went to play baseball because his father told him that he thought MJ would be a great baseball player. They were literally best friends, but the father was the standard.

    That's the equilibrium I aim for.

  13. In other words " I really don't want to take care of you. But the law and my conscience won't allow me to abandon you and your mother. My job ain't paying me shit and White Supremacy is whooping my ass. Now get out of my face before I whoop your ass".

  14. This ladies and gentlemen is called “Tough Love”. That’s a lesson you gonna need to learn from a young-in to help you throughout your adulthood.

  15. A whole lot of people have obviously never read or watched the original play and it's obvious because they think Troy is a beacon of masculine tough love and not an ultimately broken man who ruins the dreams and lives of nearly everyone he loved or wanted to love.

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