20 Replies to “Fences Official Trailer #1 (2016) Denzel Washington, Viola Davis Drama Movie HD”

  1. Rose about a stupid bitch lol….her useless lazy abusive cheating typical piece of garbage husband brings home his garbage baby and this dumb bitch says Ya ok I'll take care of it…lmao….This dumb bitch didn't leave him, didn't cut him, didn't end him, didn't do nothing but let her lazy useless mud duck husband fuck other woman and make her take care of the kid when he walk thru the door…..he a useless piece of shit, but she deserves him…cuz she bout the dumbest bitch on the block….typical disgusting getto animals…..they just too simple minded species to do any better…. gross.

  2. Lol king back did a good parody this,Ive just commented 2 years later,I forgot to comment 2 years back

  3. I just saw this and have to say that I was blown away by some powerful acting. Viola was such a passionate character! And I have to say that when the son and daughter sang at the end I cried.

  4. Good movie. Lot's of dialogue…not like most modern movies. I understand people have both positive and negative traits and gaining empathy for the terrible life experiences this man had helps you to forgive and love him despite bad behavior. In addition, he was a good provider. But he was NOT a good father or husband and he did not care. He was controlling more than loving. I saw no concern on his part for how others felt or what they wanted. I still have a hard time thinking this sends a good message to women. For her to stay with him when he informed her how it would be …that he would continue his affair…and then foist his problem on her….not a good role model. I understand she was financially dependent, that she loved him, and that she wanted to care for the child. But I would not sleep with him, cook for him, clean his house, or even talk to him. He would be INFORMED of my rules. If his choice was to not come home and not be present, then my job would be to control the money and to care for the child. PERIOD. In addition, she should begin socializing with other men as a single woman.

  5. 1:34 fuck me, it took them both 18 years to finally get that one shot right? Its only a short scene in the movie, they could got it done in 20 minutes not 18 years!

  6. love both theses amazing actors but MY GOD what a boring movie its just a house and a back yard ive lost 2 hours of life

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