43 Replies to “Fences Teaser Trailer (2016) – Paramount Pictures”

  1. jesus fuck this movie its just dragged out scenes about a hardass dad giving his son shit for wanting to play football

  2. this move , long with manchester by the sea , were the 2 most boring films ive seen in the past week… but the critics say otherwise..i guess I should read the audience reviews from now on instead of the critics reviews on rotten tomatoes..

  3. This film sucked, literally the worst film i've ever seen, the only scenes were in the back garden chatting shit. I could just go and knock on my neighbors door if i wanted to listen to a random life story.

  4. This movie is not very PC. Where's the white actors? And we need at least 1 gay person or this just isn't representative of reality.

  5. i realy want to watch this movie! after Years!!! finally i'm interested in seeing a recently realsed movie! for this year it will be two Fence + The beauty and the beast! finally good movies!!!

  6. true emotion. my goodness Denzel you sure can act. his acting so good it didnt even seem like acting. Just seem like a day at my uncles house.

  7. Denzel Washington congratulations on winning best actor for your Drama Movie, FENCES.  I pray that God will continue to grant you success in your craft.  I also hope to work with you on the screen one day.

  8. Nice trailer… outside of dad being hard and keeping it real… what the hell is the plot? Also, just because Denzel gets angry on screen, doesn't mean its Oscar worthy. We've see this in all his previous films so this trailer didn't indicate we were seeing anything special or different. Having said that, Denzel is a great actor and I like almost all his movies.

  9. god damn this looks amazing and intense AF. i thought it was some feel good old school black movie. damn. gotta check it out

  10. I was thrilled to hear of the four Oscar nominations for Fences, including ones for Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and the original writer, August Wilson. It's definitely one of the years" best films and the movie itself is nominated! I really wish that Mykelti Williamson had also received a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He should have been nominated for Forrest Gump, twenty-two years ago and this would have made up for that some. Also, he really deserved to be recognized for Fences. That would have been great! Good luck to Denzel and Viola! I really want to hear their names called out on Oscar night!

  11. Voila Davis and Denzel Washington – two of my favorites, how could it NOT be Academy performances…….and awards!!!

  12. thx denzel , viola and jovan

    this movie has changed the way i look to the life ,, damn i thought it will be more tuff ,, and i never thought that i will find my way with a hollywood movie

    omg ..

  13. dad dies at the end. dad cheated on the women. son wasn't going to funeral but he did. everyone hated him. except for mom. terrible movie. dont see this shit.

  14. Hmm, I guess Denzel cares for this one (since he directed it) and thus finally pulls out the top of his game again.

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