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  1. I just watched, good hard movie, good cast ing, i just knew Denzel Washington, but now i know other not so famous actors, this movie give you lump in the throat.

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  3. Can you possibly be prepared for when the son accepts his fate, and reconciles with his father…singing "Blue was a dog."

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  7. very underrated movie. loved it but I think that some of the dialog and material that it uses makes white ppl not understand where it's coming from. I'm not racist or anything but I know my kinfolks used to talk like this as I was growing up.

  8. Very well told story over grand acting with the best in performing arts; Davis, Denzel, Mykelti Williamson ( HEAT the infamous Bank Robbing with Val Kikmer, Robert Dinero), Russell Hornsby ( Lincoln Heights). This movie in the highlights of it truths tells the raw sides of real life that could have easily turn tragic given the turn of events if compared to the way people behave and believed during the 50's era verses the ways of most people today. The reality of marriages that stand the test of time and life as depicted here when Denzel not only had an affair but got the other woman pregnant AND was man enough to tell his wife about it, rather than hide it deny the innocent baby coming into the world. This movie does indeed tell the raw dynamics of the human experience and if you're a person that believes in God you can clearly see the tones of FAITH present throughout this story. Great Job Denzel Washington # Director

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  11. don't waste your time this movie suck… first suck ass movie by denzel…shit got no point and nothing to do with the fence.. 226 min of boring bullshit.

  12. if I hadn't seen the film I'd think it looked good! utter shite! keep your eyes on his gin the level keeps changing, each to their own though don't be offended.

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  14. I'm not sure if Denzel Washington is going to win a oscar because casey affleck won more best actor awards but we all know viola davis is going to win

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