Fences, Walls & Martial Law | The Radical Takeover of Canada by Hegelian Thuggery & Deceit

Fences, Walls & Martial Law | The Radical Takeover of Canada by Hegelian Thuggery & Deceit

all right hey guys is Joe here story about that yeah it's coming on for a little livestream Q&A here a little chat discussion with you and wait for a few folks wait a minute for a few folks to pile in and please let me know down in the chat who is watching at a little conversation going in there with diamond dog 257 looks like we're gonna have to agree to disagree on our points of faith you know I I believe the church religion and Dogma has done a lot to turn people away from the Word of God you know they've been very good at that but like myself I threw the baby out with the bathwater for many years but there are fundamental truths of human freedom that are revealed in the in the Gospels of Christ but this video I wasn't planning so much to go down that road today although it does kind of intersect in and but actually I was going to move back to a little bit more of a touch on what's happening in the political realm hey Chris em Chuck Stavros Marg Ardis Margarita's Trish Barrow thanks for joining Debbie Charlton hello alright so I guess I initially initially this is a reaction hey Chris Gary my reaction to the announcement I caught in the news of People's Party of Canada leader max Bernie a saying that he's going to build a fence to keep out you know to stave off the asylum seeking and illegal immigration and things going on at the border now correct me if I'm wrong as I understand right now it's only focused on rock some Road which is where a lot of the focus has been although there is you know very much more of a border that is undefended where people are able to to come through using all kinds of nefarious methods but I guess I just wanted to talk about the idea of fences and walls and that and taking into context the direction that things are intended to go with the United Nations and sustainable development you know the collecting collating and tracking of resources of people the Internet of Things with 5g and just how much line-of-sight technocrats government police law enforcement and all of that is going to have into our lives in the very near future and what I just want to remind people about when it comes to fences and walls fences and walls are very good at keeping people out but they're even better at keeping people in and that's what I want people to stop and think about if you're if you find yourself you know cheering on Donald Trump to build the wall or you know if this latest announcement by max Bernier has got you know got you excited and that is I just want you to stop and think of the manipulation happening in politics and you know the the problem reaction solution Hegelian dialectic and the way things work and you know our border has been overrun it's been wreaking havoc on housing in Quebec and Ontario and on homeless shelters and well just all of our resources you know or we have to process all these people coming from across wreaking havoc on half we had to process all these people coming across the border right and the more people coming across the longest taking to process them the more our tax dollars are being tied up and rightly so it's angering people so you know it seems like a fence a wall some time barrier seems to be like an overly simplistic political solution that they would offer up for people to to get on board with and society is going to undoubtedly become very much more militaristic in the near future look to China China is really the testbed of what's coming down the pike China with its bi with its Social Credit System where every face is tracked everyone's interactions are monitored and you know basically the way that they the way that they interact in society if they jaywalk if they follow the rules determines things like how much money they have to buy food and to pay for transportation and lodging and and things like that and you look at the walls they're building the institution's they're building to hold dissidents like something like a million Weger Muslims are in concentration camps in China Christians as well are being persecuted the falen Gong have long been persecuted in China because totalitarians do not like when people know about their natural sovereignty and freedom and doubt to them by their Creator rights from a government from a state are fictions and they fool people into you know looking chomping at the bit for more rights and entitlements while forgetting about things like freedoms and responsibilities you know people are just all too willing to trade for well willing to trade come really willing to trade comfort for just about anything if you can make people's lives more comfortable they'll go along with it and you know this you know when when you're talking of putting up walls and barriers around borders and that it's like you just have to remember it works both ways it can keep the people out but it's also very good at keeping the people in and the people that are enforcing those walls which way will their guns point well their guns point out to keep the bad guys away or will they point in to keep us in check so you know this is probably gonna anger maybe upset some of my PPC base supporters but you know as someone commenting in the space of ideas I have to remain objective and if I see something and a political party or a leader that I think is problematic I'm going to speak to it regardless of where it's coming from and ultimately this is why this is part of why I wanted to change my perspective on this channel from getting out of the weeds of politics because I felt it was really restricting just how much I wanted to say on these subjects honestly so that's my take on that I'm just gonna check the chat here for a minute and because you know this immigration migration is a big thing it's obviously the the movement of people around the planet is something that the internationalist the bankers and that want to have happening because it's causing it has so many it causes so much destabilization and well it just it works to their advantage the solution is not you know we can't close the border that's just not realistic and when people say you know stop a total halt to all immigration no it doesn't work that way in our economy you know what if we were to close the border we might last three months if we're lucky before the bottom falls out of everything because the fact that matter is is we're not putting enough back in the system because largely we've been duped we've been a lot of people have been duped and tricked into not having children and not focusing on family and God and that because the politicians have been telling us we have to save the earth and have less children and many people are have thrown it off to this idolatry of the earth and happy to put themselves below and immolate themselves to this earth idol that the political class is is pushing upon all of us through ideas like climate change which are really just eugenics repackage you know it's the same thing social Darwinism the evolution they've always been strictly convenient ideology socio-political ideologies that these power brokers have used to justify their right to might over all of us in that if only if if natural selection is is real then the strongest survive therefore if they are smarter more powerful and richer than the rest of us then the fact that they can get ahead while crushing us well that's just nature is is their eyes of seeing it that's just the that's that's natural evolution and that evolution as an ideology has been used to justify so much brutality and atrocity over the last few centuries everything from war eugenics human experiments you name it everything is inverted everything is completely inverted and political solutions well there's nothing that can solve anything in the political realm it's all just so caught up in the and the spectacle that it's there's the agenda still moving forward regardless and there's this election people have to be aware of Bill c76 the elections Modernization Act which will you know put in things like electronic voting what else is covered in there basically I would just encourage people I've covered it on here before so if you're interested in these things bill c76 the elections Modernization Act although it's too late now I believe it's already going through it's gonna make a ton of changes and along with the culpability of Elections Canada which they've already demonstrated their partiality to the Liberals by hiring social media influencers and things like that you know it's there's obviously there's there's been a radical takeover of Canada the people those who call themselves liberal in Canada right now in the halls of power there are no such thing there are radicals I'm a liberal yes I mean that I'm a liberal and that I believe in individual freedom I believe that individuals should be judged on their individual content of character separate from a group identity or separate from their nationality their race their religion etc etc liberalism has been used as a clever smokescreen in Canada for radicals in the Liberal Party and in front of the camera and behind the scenes namely people like Gerald butts to get get into the very seat of power right in the the top seat the the parliamentary secretary sorry yeah the the parliamentary secretary Gerald BOTS who was parliamentary secretary and Justin Trudeau and along with the other young radical MPs that were elected this time around they've managed in no time to start legislating things that I had grave issues with what I saw seeing in culture say around the time of the election or just after the 2015 election I started seeing these radicals start to legislate things that I saw happening in culture that I did not think were going in the right direction regardless I don't think I don't think that things of that nature should be legislated anyway things like Bill c16 which determined how basically you're supposed to interact with certain individuals who identify as transgender like you're supposed to treat them so like some type of protected class or you have to like ask permission for what to call them and you know immolate yourselves to this protected class and like things like motion m103 which gives muslim special protections under the law which is really it's a it's a smokescreen to camouflage political Islamists more radicals who have formed under the big 10 coalition of the leftist radical party the Justin Trudeau party that calls itself liberal and you know they've wasted no time building up their fifth columns everywhere all through all sorts of new bureaucratic positions you know programs to incentivize people coming straight out of high school and to created government jobs that had absolutely nothing to society things like feminist government and feminist representatives gender balance cabinets you know that don't do anything for the average woman you know in middle-class suburbia or downtown somewhere all they do is they create pomp and circumstance for elites and pat yourself on the back division and wrap it up in a good package and give everyone some weed and the rest is history and with the elections modernization act at this point it's very concerning to me with the media like with the media paid off with 600 million dollars in tax credits with the conservative priority not mounting any opposition you know it's just like in the Soviet Union where the opposition parties just they stopped opposing they just went along they allowed themselves to be bullied along with the with the consensus and the NDP which is propping up the Liberal Party if anything you may see some votes move away from the Liberal Party to to the NDP the Greens the media is also pushing the greens as well they're doing anything to push anything but the Conservatives and of course max Bernie the PPC option which you know honestly in the grand scheme of things is probably not going to have very much impact at all in the best-case scenario the PPC could hold a balance of power which you know could be interesting but you know it'll probably result in a two-year government or an 18-month government and we'll be back at the polls again and meanwhile still moving toward a UN sustainable development future a technocratic future a 5g future an Internet of Things future a globalist future all these things that the elite consensus tells us that they're just coming and you just have to get out of the way there's nothing you can do about it globalism is happening 5g is happening Internet of Things is happening drag kids are happening it's all progress and we stand in the way of progress humans have always been the collective obstacle to the tyrants well let's check the chat yeah a true seeking Canadian what happened to immigrants that really wanted to be part of Canadian culture now seems people just want to start their own country in our country right well that's how what they're incentivized to do they've been incentivized come here come to Canada we will take care of you no matter what no conditions no questions asked hashtag welcome to Canada come on in it's a free-for-all well how would you treat that place yeah it's not about immigration it's about destroying Western culture and Christianity as well as the nuclear family all the same war right right on bronze snake it is all the political talking points are noise it's noise word bear how's it going big dog bite soon they will charge you thousands of dollars carbon tax if you have a baby yeah yeah China's one-child policy you know look to the east look to China to see what's headed this way I'm just checking the chat here sorry it's I'm not glitching or anything I'm just going back to see what what you guys were saying here hey Tron norts haven't seen you in a while Trump's wall just got 10 feet taller yeah I'll start building one up north he'll meet us halfway maybe Gail Johnson China wants Africa you betcha because they're predicting that that's where verbal ground is going to be what the way things are changing with the climate because there are things happening that are changing what the climate is just not what they're telling us Canadian report only a handful of people can see we are under assault and that's really the problem you know I tried to wake people up quote-unquote by talking politics on this channel for a year you know people who are already awake may have been interested but you know and again it may not sound fair politically correct but in the Bible in clearly states is there the righteous and the wicked there are those who can see and whose hearts are softened and there are those who cannot see and cannot hear whose hearts are hardened and they just don't want to hear the truth marry there you go weird bare earth is cooling Africa will be largest agricultural countries yes diamond dog 257 and all the illegals were freeze and starve in Canada and so will we see that that's its I had my buddy Mike over here earlier and this is kind of what we were talking about it's like and I covered this started to cover this in my video about Antarctica called when hell freezes over or hell freezes over in that it's looking like that I mean there are definitely things that happen cyclically with the climate on earth the swindle when the politicians talk about climate change though is that they are talking about anthropocentric climate change or manmade climate change the other words that you and me because of all the garbage we put out to the curbside and because we drive our Kia's and so on that we're killing the planet and we need to pay taxes that's what the whole climate scam is when in reality the ones that are polluting the earth are these robber barons they're the ones that have the factories and the ones that have the manufacturing plants and the ones that you know have the the monopolies on oil and so on and so forth but regardless what they're telling us about warming the planet no no the planet is cooling the planet is goes in cycles of warming and cooling and solar maximum and minimums and grand solar maximum and minimums and there's also the complication that cosmic rays play into this but that might be something I need to look into a little further here as well because that's where you get into the evolution scam alright because evolution the idea of as I was touching on earlier evolution is slow gradual change you know species branching off slowly gradually there's nothing that shows that in the fossil record it's junk science but what the fossil record does show is incidents of radical transformation periodically so there's something to show that there's been change but it's not a slow gradual change like the social Darwinist see the evolutionists claim there's radical transformation now what's caused that in the past and there's some that posit this combination of grand solar minimums the compromising of our magneto sphere because right now our North Pole is like Alma is headed towards Russia our magnetic north pole which is normally up you know northern Canada is headed over towards Russia and it's compromising the the way the magneto sphere deflects things like cosmic rays solar radiation coronal mass ejections things like that you know it's the the problem with the elite consensus is because there are grains of truth sprinkled into their deceptions so that's what makes it even harder to call it out but that's babble it's Babylonian it's they babble on to confuse and confound us here we go true scene Canadian important that we all remember we are all in the same side yes let's not let little differences divide us that's what the elites are doing to us and how they control us yes yes that's that's the message right there you know in social media politics religion it's all part of it it's all part of the distraction it's all part of the to have us like this at one another looking at each other we never look up we never look above to see who's pulling the levers and pulling the strings yeah Fukushima that's another one Gail Johnson you don't hear much about Fukushima anymore but that's still very much a problem divide and conquer is ultimately what they do they pit us against one another yeah word bear solar minimum earth is cooling why do you think we're paying for roads built in Africa mm-hmm everyone's looking to Africa now China you know that's where everything's being invested now because the theory is here in the West we're gonna freeze over eventually it's just gonna be inhospitable here you're not gonna be able to grow food here and over there I mean they're already dealing with things like floods and stuff over in the Middle East in Africa like they've never had to deal with before but the theory is is when the climate shifts due to pole reversal for an solar minimum cosmic radiation whatever a combination of all of these things then Africa is going to be the only place where there's gonna be fertile ground to grow food and conveniently they're shifting the population all over here you know well we'll probably just kill each other off blingle bear welcome yeah the earth is greening word bear and yes it's it's gained green space despite again them telling us we're killing the earth it's in Africa and Middle Eastern places it's getting greener China China's has done a lot in terms of reforestation and things like that you know and then but people you know like to point to things like that because they're so progressive and then ignore things like the concentration camps filled with a million Muslims which I don't care what your thoughts on Islam are putting people in concentration camps is wrong Lance loose for humans have a way of surviving almost anything some will humans are very resilient that's for sure yeah there we go Gail Johnson people don't realize the oceans dying including plankton which supplies most of our oxygen UK is cutting all their trees down those people are dumb as hell co2 is great also B populations like the bees are dying off because of all the pesticides and genetically modified foods you know my buddy who was over here earlier was telling me something about some type of ray or something that they they I don't know that they shine on these seeds or whatever that does something to the the alters their genetics like literally like a cosmic ray device that changes the genetics of the seed like this is nuts this is dr. Frankenstein stuff and we're consuming this hey norm Martin doja toka progressives cared about the environment they would be pushing for him to replace every industry it could that and they well there's so much there's so much hypocrisy to call out with progressives I mean you have the elites flying around the world and big jumbo jets and well the look at the strip mining that's required for these hydrogen fuel cell cars that they're trying to sell us on these are all strip mined out of Africa by child labour because you know they got the little fingers they can get in there better this is this is what I mean by when I talk about how you can rationalize anything if you take morality out of the picture so they can rationalize kids the ones who know about it probably most don't they can rationalize the idea of kids going in mining rare earth minerals like lithium and iridium and all this stuff that's going in our cellphones and in our hydrogen fuel cells and everything that are gonna take us on this great leap forward into the future and I've been hearing recently like certain globalists and that using that terminology great leap forward it's in Mao's Great Leap Forward or like something like I don't know 40 some-odd million people died of starvation what do I have growing behind me behind me I don't know all sorts of stuff that Kelly has grown here this is a chrysanthemum I just thought it would look nice to have it in here yeah Werebear co2 is needed by the tons to slow the cooling and increase greening but they're trying to reduce co2 emissions so in other words are trying to speed up the cooling trying to ensure that we get as much havoc in the in this transition phase that you know or a tribulation period that we might be reaching up to bumping up against so the thing is is all this stuff about potential climate disasters that you know just might happen you know that it's very possible that you know we will see some some type of environmental disaster and things like that will only justify moves by things like the United Nations well FEMA in America Joint Task Force two in Canada could be could be deployed if things got really bad in Canada and some type of martial law situation had to be enacted because a combination of things you know we've been seeing a lot of internet outages and power outages and stuff lately like as systems get bigger and more complex entropy becomes more likely that becomes more likely things are gonna break down and you have multiple systems built on top of one another and it's just it becomes a domino effect all it's gonna take is for something to go you know the monetary system to bottom out and well something that troubles me too like what was problematic in Communist China is that you know they would put all these ridiculous quotas on the farmers who could never meet the quotas but their propaganda was always you know we're producing all this food we're feeding all these people but they weren't so people were starving and like they were stealing food from the farmers where was I going with that sorry I lost it for a minute it'll come back to me Oh when you look at things like projections for crops corn especially so there's supposed to be so much land set up set aside in the US to grow corn for food and for fuel for ethanol and only something like a fraction of the arable land set aside for this is actually are they actually planting and and producing so the the input coming in producing is not nearly at the capacity that that it that it's planned for so this stuff can't sustain like sustainable development I find it whenever the UN puts its stamp on anything just think on UN on on sustainable development that's the whole sick joke of it they undo everything they undo Nations yeah sheriff show saying the magnetic north pole moving very rapidly I touched on that earlier it's it's moving very rapidly toward Russia it moved so unexpectedly that the people who update charts and things like that for the military and for shipping they had to update all their data sets a year early they typically update them every five years they were planning to update them next year 2020 but they actually had to update them this year because it shifted so far the magnetic north pole is shifted so far that if they didn't correct for this in you know systems and charts and things like that then people wouldn't be able to navigate you say Trish Farrell I had about 20 bees take up residence under my son deck that's another reason why Kelly Gardens like I got a like Kelly's got a very nice garden here I've show it off a few times and there's bees all over the place here you know and funny remember when you're a kid you're so terrified of the things now like there's bees all the time around here and it's great to see also she went and bought like we have like an artificial beehive up in the tree over there it's a really weird looking thing but apparently bees are attracted to it and they'll start they'll start building like a little house in there or something because yeah bees are dying off right because of all the crap that they're put injecting into the food Trish Farrow is saying that about the bees well this is a good good number I got 41 watching now my streams have been pretty low as of late word bear last month IMF and UN joined forces house figured they were at arm's length anyway the World Bank you know the World Bank in the UN or hand in hand and the money being collected from all the carbon taxes is basically going to the World Bank last I checked there was something like 80 billion dollars and and this climate change fund that the World Bank is managing and all that you know what that's gonna do they're just gonna take that loan it out to despots in Africa for these greening programs which they're not going to do they're just going to use it to buy beamers and Cadillac Escalades for themselves and let their people starve and no that's that's the other thing you've got to factor into with you know there's elitism and then there's incompetence and there's you never how do you put it I guess never let corruption basically that there's there's there's corruption and then there's an incompetence and sometimes they can look very similar is what I'm trying to say is sometimes it's just that people are just incompetent and there's a combination of that there's people that are corrupt but then there's also people that are incompetent as well yeah Lance Lucifer it's according to where you are with the bees we have many so many firms so many beekeepers we have a lot of we have some beekeepers in the valley which is like about two and a half hours away from here a P Aries all right well I'll give an opportunity for folks to have questions it helps if you tag me in the chat it helps me see it so far away be weary of people who want to build fences and walls around you no matter how you know no matter how good of an idea might sound like we should be skeptical of that and I had a fellow on here a little while ago by the name of John Raymond he's ex-military and he was talking about how in the u.s. how in certain communities like gated communities they're adopting very much like militaristic rules of engagement like things like green zones and stuff like that that the military uses and he sees it that society at large is just going to become more like that that there's going to be more of a militarization I guess what I could say is the micromanagement of societies could become a lot more evident it's going to become a lot more in our faces when we're gonna have all these devices around us connected to the internet connected to big tech connected to the government connected to the military because all of this tech infrastructure is all military the Internet is military voice assistance technology is military s RI internationalism is an American military contractor they came up with Siri and it's it's a weapon and we're the target we're the enemy and we're all volunteering right here talking to you on a smartphone and I've got my laptop sitting right here you know both connected to the internet both with GPS both transmitting wireless it's all around us it's becoming ubiquitous and it's going to be coming just imagine what its gonna be like now like just look how many devices do you think you have in your home that are connected to the Internet just like your your mobile your tablet your laptop alright you look it I remember one time just you know we kind of put all our stuff on the table in time like my kids put their D is down our cellphones everything and it was this big pile of devices well imagine when you know everything from furniture to appliances you name it is gonna be connected to the Internet it's gonna be everywhere the web why do you think they call it the web because we're caught in it true seeking Canadian do you have any suggestions on where to look for info on magnetic north uh you know just I say just do a google search and just be cognizant of the results that you're getting make sure you're not getting conspiracy theory sites you know look for scientific papers and journals you know what what are like the geez National Research Council maybe there that might be one maybe the National Research Council would have something on the on the polls maybe there we go word bear the reason I moved because Kitchener is all walled in now they have roadblocks and a headquarters downtown that reminded me of a prison the courthouse looked like ready for war that's the way it's gonna that's where it's gonna be coming more like more militarized more chaotic Bronze Age joke and walk the dog brother thank you for stimulating discussion see if folks keep her stick on the ice later bye thanks for stopping by EMP one good EMP put us back in the dark ages yeah you got it man pull the rug right out from under us that's my fear that's really my fear is that they're gonna pull the rug out from under us is we're all gonna become so dependent on all this technology and and add that all of a sudden something kronole like coronal mass ejection with compromised magnetosphere down it goes tear the digital down and it's never coming back all this information we have saved in the air you know and the cloud it's not real yeah classical library and a good EMP would help the birth right though amen brother mm-hmm it sure would Sheriff show buy a CB radio I thought of that ham radio is like the old internet really ham radio is kind of like the precursor to the Wild West of the Internet yeah I look for pole shift as well if you're looking into anything about magnetic north grande solar minimum cosmic rays cosmic rays is another thing that I'll probably get into at some point when speaking of new creation a new heaven and new earth they're do a word bear now I live in a 38-foot motorhome I was ready to move yeah that's good idea be mobile Bano bearer will be funny in the future when we're non-static for digital living yeah oh I see someone sign Alegria this is a chrysanthemum and I know that because it says it right there other than that I wouldn't know okay I'm probably gonna wrap it up soon so any if there is any last-minute stock plastic librarian I don't trust the clouds still save locally me too I do too I do both really I try to do backup both word bear spreading the word Lord's word wherever I go well amen bill Johnson are you in the USA or Canada I am in Canada I'm not sure if that was directed at me blingle bear no problem thanks for stopping in Missy Bondy saying it's still nice and straight stratford well that's good I hear Mississauga is another place where it's really bad to out west I hear a lot of stories from people like people who've moved back here from from out west man like the stories they tell me it's terrifying truth-seeking Canadian thank you storm runners here's their zero to Diamond dog Paul Q Lance Lucifer I thank you guys and again if you see value in this video please share it that's that's how I'm able to get these videos seen as if you guys shared I'm really at your mercy to share my videos and I appreciate everyone who does support me by sharing and the folks who stopped by of course I said I very much appreciate all of you who participate in these live streams with me and help get the ideas flowing it's much more easier I find to have to have this back and forth helped me kind of update and hone my ideas in real time nor Martin thank you thanks for the thumbs up st. John what kind of stories out west I just mean like gangs of well basically agents or Middle Easterners that have neighborhoods kind of locked down like in certain areas where you just don't go into those neighborhoods and you know they'll just come up and you know hassle you shake you down and things like that and it's not a racial thing you know I'm just saying it's like that's the culture they come from that's that's what they expect is norm and then they come here to a place where they say they're gonna have you know basically they're being welcomed with open arms well they're not going to appreciate it any more than there are in their home country John Simla thanks for stopping in Darrell Julie mine great awesome so tomorrow morning I'll be up early playing on the worship team for church playing bass guitar for the church services so looking forward to that always happy to play I was happy to play and give the people you know the energy to worship in the morning and get refreshed and rejuvenated for the week because even though I'm highly highly critical of the church as an institution I am lucky that I have a church here that's very grounded and very gospel focused you know no elitism really I mean the pastor's dress like this I mean t-shirt and jeans you know there there's there's a down-to-earth connectedness they're accessible they don't really set themselves apart and guys my age I mean I'm real I'm pretty good friends with the music pastor I'll be going with going in with him tomorrow morning and actually I have here this is something when I get through it more I'm gonna talk about this is a book that he lent me that I'm reading called surprised by hope by Mt right i am i just read chapter 7 i'm about to start chapter 8 you know there's i don't agree with everything he says you know i try to always you know there's there's people you can learn from but you don't agree with every every single point they make and just because you don't agree with one single point doesn't mean they should be tossed out either there could be valid points to be taken from them and he's talking a lot about which i kind of hinted on earlier about how the gospels the bible it's not talking about an afterlife like going to heaven it's talking about the idea of resurrection of a new creation of new heaven and earth that is to come and that's the hope the Christian hope the message that's that's in the Bible it's not one of afterlife where you go twiddle your thumbs for eternity in heaven while angels play harps I mean I always thought that was weird I was even thought that to be kind of boring now I don't understand what the whole resurrection thing means either for us but I mean it's interesting and when you combine that with what I was touching on earlier with things like how evolution is always been a scam because there's no there's no record of gradual slow evolution over a long period of time there are examples of radical transformations in the fossil and in this in the in the archaeological record that at certain points in time you stop to see one you stop to see you stop seeing skeletal remains of one type of humanoid and you start to find skeletal remains of another type of humanoid for another period and then every so often it changes and when you talk of a thing of a new creation a new heaven and earth to come in the future and you know you look at what what could be possible that there have been incidents of say the earth being flooded with cosmic rays and not having a magnetic magneto spear and other things to protect us is what what what is that done what is that done to this planet over the eons what's it done to nature what's it done to people what's it done to animals I don't know so that might be something I'll be exploring so keep an eye out for that yeah yeah yeah Gail Johnson Edmonton is a sanctuary city our crime rate has gone up faster than the population by a mile refugees have syphilis well they don't vaccinate and stuff over in a lot of these countries like Somalia Nigeria and Haiti they haven't they aren't exactly known for their vaccination programs and their their health care and that's not to get down the whole rabbit hole of what can be problematic for vaccinations because like everything it's not like a all vaccines are bad like vaccines have done some very good things for us and have allowed us to progress it's when you get to the point where the government is saying you have to take this vaccine that's when you start need to start asking questions you know when they start pushing back scenes that's when it becomes problematic yeah word bare OS parents fighting the government for their kids the government is taking them for transitioning yeah for this whole this transgender nonsense which is just another way of indoctrinating children breaking apart the family unit and so feeding into the rebellious Mis of kids and teenagers so that they look to the state to rescue them from their backwards parents who don't recognize their transition their their will to transition and have some dr. Frankenstein carve up their their genitals like this is this is madness and we're all consenting to it you know Christians don't call out evil anymore Jesus called out evil at every turn you know he said not to judge but call out evil when you see it call out evil in this world start calling out the evil in the world but then also don't get caught up in that because also try to live out the good as well and be a steward of grace on this earth and conduct yourself in God's image Garmin GPS readjust their GPS to compensate for the North Pole shift alright I am Joseph Victor in Jesus name Godspeed everyone

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  2. My fine fellow countryman , I have to ask which is the lesser of two evils? Being without borders and basically soulless and deprived of cultural influence from its inhabitants because you then become no more than a hub, a revolving door, an oversized airport for a country…if nobody has skin in the game well who's stoping us from setting everything on fire just for the thrill of watching it burn ? …look our PM is the Son of a commy who signed the bill of rights for this country without having all provinces signatures to ratify it so right there all kind red flags should be going up

  3. Law? Frick in canada 2019 with our man child leader… can we even say our land has laws right now? It's a mess!

  4. its all so corrupted Joe.. all of it .. https://shawnpaulmelville.com/2019/04/22/soros-quiet-revolution-through-liberal-elite-higher-education-cesspools/


  6. Always nice to hear thoughtful opinions Joe. Unfortunately it does feel like a big pumping of the brakes is necessary to correct us from the direction the Liberals have us going; at least until things can re-balance.

  7. The Chinese could use the Uighurs to colonize Africa. Create a new country there for them like the U.S. did with Liberia.

  8. "me and my family moved in an apt. complex/
    A gate with a serial code was put up next/
    They claim that this community is so drug free but it don't look that way to me…. /
    Every now and then I wonder if that gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep my ass in?


  9. Aaaand they intend to collar US, the Canadian citizens with electronic trackers when WE want to travel abroad.

  10. I mentioned in your live chat about the three gorges dam sending the World off normal spin, but would it counteract the wrongs of the Hoover and Quebec hydro. Taking up back the near 1940s.

  11. I'm South African and as much as I see your point, you can't just have unmitigated immigration into a country. During the 80's and 90's we were involved in a hot border war with communist insurgents. We used to have a very strong, high border fence that was electrified. From Mozambique, across Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Each country was sending insurgents across ( when they weren't fried on the fence) I seem to remember the fence was mostly electrified on the Mozambique border (that bordered the Kruger National Park) Back in those days we had a fantastic military, very skilled in bush warfare and everyone (white males ) did 2 years national service in the military. These days this idiot Cyril Ramaphosa ( a globalist Soros flunky)have turned off the fence and we now have totally porous borders, a ruined economy and rocketing crime rates. ( and a joke for a military – like what Obama was forcing on the US)

    You have to have control of borders. I was a detective in the police after I left varsity and much of our violent crime was illegal immigrants. Now they've signed this ridiculous Marrakesh compact which allows free migration which will kill South Africa. This is intentional. The racial tensions are manufactured as most South Africans are chilled and very friendly towards each other. If there is a civil war or a genocide, it will be courtesy of Soros, Chatham House and the UN….so basically, the Luciferian elites. It's pretty sad. AND THE CHINESE ARE EVERYWHERE. Protect your borders…jail the marxists and Democrats- they are a cancer, they've always been this way…and this type of neo-liberalism, like herpes, is incurable. God bless.

  12. I wonder if Maxime's border fence is meant to be more symbolic than anything else.
    I thought it funny how the Pope speaks of the evilness of walls, while the Vatican has walls 30 to 40 feet high in areas surrounding the city.

  13. joe ! ! y u keep stessin on this sick failing system,,, it must happen,,,, the trick is to use your bible trained conscience AND AWAIT CHRISTS KINGDOM,,, We are not to get involved in satans system trying to fix this,,,,, stand back ! and watch as this systems falls,,,,,,,, not to much longer buddy,,,,,,,,read your bible daily ,,,,,, jw.org

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