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  1. 1:27:20
    "Rose, I done tried all my life to live decent . . . to live a clean . . . hard . . . useful


  2. Whoever played Tory Maxson character was trying too much to portray him . They were laughing at him because he acting and not living the character . And he was reading lines instead of actually saying it like it was him . Cory was no better either . They need to learn their lines and that fight scene at the end was over the top .

  3. Iā€™m reading the play for my AP English Literature class and as I read, I like to watch a physical representation of the play to be able to see the reactions of the characters, stage directions, stage props, and just everything put together, to gain a better understanding of the play as a whole.

  4. Amazing job! I see some people saying that the actor playing Troy needs to learn his lines better. I would love to see some of you up there with the dedication it takes. He has more lines that everyone combined in this play to memorize, and they are not easy lines. They are not short remarks, some are very length lines. Once again, good job to this cast and crew.

  5. just watched the movie! i dont know if plays are like that but they sure do move alot while delivering their lines… well most of them.

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