Fencing a Vegetable Garden

Fencing a Vegetable Garden

hi this is going wisdom and we are in my vegetable garden very late in winter early spring I need to fix this fence I've put this together over the past rub over here as I find a piece of wood and I make a stake and I find a piece of chicken wire and I patch it we're going to do this thing the right way today I'm going to take out all of the old stakes we're going to put in some new wire and by the time we're done the rabbits are not going to get into my garden this season all right so about an hour's gone by we cleaned up the garden I had some extra ties from a deck we fixed several years ago I used the ties to help with erosion next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to put the stakes and I made the mistake earlier on of using wood this time I'm going to be smart I'm using metal these are three foot posts they're going right into the ground you want to be sure to do your corner and then evenly spaced them all around so we've cleaned the garden we've laid the post now we're going to put the fencing around here I got some of the vinyl coated chicken wire because the other stuff had rotted pretty quickly so hopefully this will stay a little longer I'm going to use some of those cable ties to attach the fence right to those posts these will hold it they're not going to rot they're also black they'll blend in a little bit so here we go after the fence is secured one of the things that I like to use with some of these ground staples you'd use these for landscape fabric as well and that'll just hold that nice and flush to the ground so that nothing's going to crawl underneath there and you could just go around and put these in a few other places that you needed them you don't have to put them everywhere but they'll help to secure the fence all right so there you have it there's our rabbit fence our critter fence around the garden I did leave a little door here you could use almost anything you could makeshift this put a piece of wood there you can put an old sign you can even put an extra piece of the chicken wire there but I didn't want to secure this because if I want to go in and out it just makes it a lot easier with the proper tools a little bit of time it's amazing what you can do in a couple of hours come back every week for all of our tips it's and helps of growing wisdom

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  1. Added benefit…u can easy use those to put up support netting for things like CUTTING FLOWERS…HEHEH

  2. We did a hack job last night. The old owners left a decrepit raised bed (not level, deteriorating wood) that had some pvc hoops. We tied it to the hoops with twine and stapled it to the boards.
    Now I need a fast way to cut it off a crappy chicken coop. It's stapled every 2 inches

  3. Mr. Rabbit will burrow under the chicken wire. And can jump over a two feet fence.
    Be sure to remove this video when it happen when your first lettuce fully grown.

  4. I did this with my garden this year and my husbands little dog (half boxer half terrier) got under the fence and even lifted up the ground stakes. He trampled half my garden! Any suggestions on a sturdier fence to keep him out? Its time to plant onions and garlic for next year but i'm afraid too cause i don't want him digging them up.

  5. @SuperGjose : For slugs, buy those disposable round metal pie pans. Pour some cheap beer in them & place them in your garden. Slugs are attracted to beer. They'll take a bath in it & go to slug heaven. You'll just need to "empty" the pan once in a while & add more beer. It works!

  6. That fence won't keep rabbits out, well not Irish rabbits. Rabbits well come to the fence and burrow under it, that's what they do. The fence has to be buried 15cm (6in) down and 15cm out (in the direction the rabbits are approaching). What will happen is the rabbit will approach the fence and burrow. It will meet the buried wire. End of dinner time for Mr Rabbit.

  7. it looks easy and even I can do it LOL! How about deers? They can just jump over and have a great meal! Thanks!

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