28 Replies to “Fencing Championship 2008 Paris Men's Team Foil Final:Poland vs Japan”

  1. You do fencing for a decade and you'll be able ti kill flies with your forehead. Those guys have incredible reflex but you realize it only once you are on the lane.

  2. It's not in a circular field because modern fencing is meant to mimic fencing a long time ago, fencing to kill a long time ago was either on horseback or inside a long narrow castle hallway. Both don't involve people in a circular field.

  3. Im not to familiar with the sport as you can see, but can't double tapping be used to flank? Also what you say is true, people can just runaway for the rest of the match, but I never though of that since when i play sports, I play because i love the sport and not to win. Well it seems like it would be more fun if inovations were aloud but i guess not in competitions (inovations come from having more freedom).

  4. Flanking? There are two people… you can't flank with two people… It's played on a straight line because if they had more freedom nothing could prevent them from gaining a small lead and then running around. It would ruin the entire sport…

  5. How come they do fencing in a straight line and how does the point system work?? Might try this in college.

  6. YOud change your mind if you were to try this sport. Its harder than it looks. Besides…this is a gentlemans sport. back in the day people died stabbing each other in duels

  7. Imagine if other weapons were used in a similar setting! Also why is the sport not played in a circular field? I would think it would give the players more options and more freedom to use different tactics like flanking?

  8. Sword fighting has evolved over the years. True swordsmanship is not what you see in movies or hack and slash video games. True swordsmanship is the use of tactics… almost like chess. What you see in movies is choreographed so that the audience will like it. It gives it entertainment value. Makes money. But a true swordsman will see many openings that a guy could've struck in a movie duel. One thing you see a lot is just the clashing of swords.. that just leads to dulling. This is finesse.

  9. This is kind of gay. Not what I have in mind when I think of two men in a swordfight. Then on the other hand, I don't know anything about sworfighting.

  10. Obviously we do its a champion sport and 1 of the fastest sport in the world, for a matter of fact you might not like it but others do by the way you probably dont do this sport because your weak or you probably just like running after a ball like a dog to eather kick it in to a goal or put it on a rectangular area if your smart you would no what im talking about> :]

  11. If only they let them fencing for few minutes and then count the points !! They ruined fencing by inventing this 2 seconds fencing !!

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