Fencing head butt mask fails – from Universal Sports

Fencing head butt mask fails – from Universal Sports

it appears that gsella members hid in the fit oh no he was not hit in the face he rammed his face into a cheesy and I think hurt his mouth these are typically the only engines you see in fencing a little twisted ankle sometimes somebody falls off one of these raised strips or like in this instance here somebody runs into somebody with their head hope he didn't lose a tooth he looks okay though he probably wants a second he'll wipe some of that off

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  1. Anyone who thinks he is a wimp evidently hasn't been smashed in the face properly while wearing a mask. I am happy to lend you a mask and smash you in the face if you want to gain an idea of reality.
    Also his opponent is a real sportsman, he makes sure the fencer is ok and calls for a medic and basically looks after him, that's being a sportsman, as supposed to some of you who would just be douchebags.

  2. Real swordsmanship is why we salute each other, the judge/director and the audience at the start, and shake hands after the bout.

  3. And this is why my club requires secondary mask attachments, the injury was where it slipped up because it was all floppy.

  4. I'm reading these comments here and I am simply disgusted by how you people insult each other with rude words and prideful arrogance. Where are your manners?

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