Fencing – how to rewire a foil

Fencing – how to rewire a foil

all right full rewire and now let's just make sure we've got everything talking to everything first things first wrap everything that everyday multiples we run a raffle ticket system in the armory so we know who use weapons who's it's also handy if you're doing multiples we can pull tickets on so you don't get people's kit mixed up if you just do in club doesn't really matter it works okay so my gosh look we're going to fall through the wiring yes so I'll just pop up tip out I don't like gluing and with the pointed yes yes we're off all right you want to reach in there and get my hot wiggled out please move on high you can more less use anything to get the wire out or you trying to do and all you want to do and all you need to do is warm the glue up so you release the wire out of the glue that's all you're doing you're not heating the blades you want Hill piecing the blade but you don't get too much heat is all behind you it's all good a catch yeah thanks big solid I got tested their particular setting all No put it somewhere it's not going to fall over that you think out golly gosh I'm going to have to grab it as you know when we grab the hot bit Oh this speaks the voice of experience can use a hairdryer are those candy I've heard been used before takes away weekend okay keep going being cute for a fire all right okay gas stove yeah I got one of them makes the most of the top of the glass mover ah again experience metal conducts heat if you think one end of a foil braid the other end gets warm there could be you did another this is a man who sounds like he's learned from his experience as well it's like children guys do get hot yeah yes it's organized do also get knocked into my home eat what you want to do now is remove the old glue out of the blames there are several ways of doing it I suggest you start off with method number one junior hacksaw blade things I do make life easier on yourself I normally snap these in half insulation tape around one end what number 20 but I think we go into in touch I don't think it's done the stars it was doing it as he speak right are you going now it won't be done for another half hour to an hour okay cool because mostly done it's a hot yeah Jr hacksaw blade will should fit in the groove sorry Desmond we have to read in the dark headship pass me those pliers to tie the right sort of knots yeah but only to arm whirs I nailed in the world away their bill for this room and it's basically they're sorry and when you run out to buddies yes I I tend to use the swing string method because it's infinitely adjustable yeah so if you get a really stiff for me so fingers off way before your use of direct metal block method number two can you pass me my knife out of that box please nestle method number two using a knife how do you notice I'm keeping my other hand out of the way experience again yes yes what you do notice I am pushing towards myself I can control it better this way that's all yeah you can reglued four times all right so timber listen please a dremel took from the floor that wasn't that was that's going to be option number three are okay chlorogenic yeah what I would say you need to know how to do it without a dremel yeah yeah Mike I must admit my preferred method of usage is the Dremel yeah however that's the room is now full of people just take a step back all I'm trying to do I'm not trying to cut groove in it long track I do is clear the glue out if you've gone through with a knife or a blade first it's a lot easier you don't get a lot of fumes in your face and using a dremel the blade does get hot tip this is yes this is an all-star taper so I got a German wire Idol like that well there's probably a school well yes like I think they just sensible screws with an all-star tip you do have to remove the goop screws all the way you can't just appreciate you for taking part the way out and appreciate you for not having to buy a whole new bar yeah don't tell still charged very quick spring down the next job is to make sure you have all the break we get the plastic out the bottom and the the old contacts do you push it from the bottom yep and make sure that comes out Leon pause if that comes out completely that's the contact away from the black wire you can rethread the barrel with that still in and when you're going to put it all back together again the tip won't fit because you've lost five mil of depth in your barrel so you have to start again drilling wire for a German point it's the same if it's a little poor wire for a Leon Paul board you can't mix and match you can be wet work and you have to start again carefully unwind it I use my finger and thumb however if you pull too hard you will burn your finger and fill by putting a line in through the friction when your tragedy is try to get it as straight as possible without overworking it if you wear through the cotton you need a new wire that was then it's going to shore to the blade you don't want that the wire onto the barrel I tend to put a little hook over the bottom the only one about an inch through make sure you put the wire on the right row with the right way round sorry which which one is the bottom this that's the part that screws also the blade yes some thread lock wirings the groove para ones the blaze and tying the bow warms the blade don't over-tighten the barrel because you can't split them there's no set number of turns and then feed the wire through carefully from the top you have setting tools for Leon Paul all-star push down and Paul at the same time at your side we don't do as you don't to crunch the wire rope in here it was a way through your towel it's just being thick now yes probably by me to make sure that you have got it all the way down there's nothing worse than climbing it also guys are putting it back together you go for the point in any won't fit we touch it fix this is where the various people different no doubt I would suggest that you starting off leave this to put a new little spring in the tip out in case you're over blue well the ones you're talking 12 quid for a new barrel under you tip I then see my bitter tension on the wire you don't you're not trying to pull the wire at the point where you don't want it flopping around and then wrap it round using the screw threads to lock off the wire if you worried about it popping loose you can always put a drop of glue at this end before you start various methods and sorry can ask you how did you run it through the groove just manually you just do it you okay you didn't use anything I think there's a chain in that box various different methods Steve used as a piece of string I've got chain I've got picture hanging cord two end caps 15 mill key rings and a 10 guyliner where did you get yeah thank you wicks if you're doing a job lot you get a big bag from wix4 or cheaper than individuals and as as I've done various size five blades that's about right you can bend it a bit more you can bend a bit less now very different people do it differently I tend to hold the blade in my hands because I feel a lot more control over it however you do run the risk of gluing yourself to the blade that's why I have some D bonder handy oh reels well now I would just I tell you Sam and you start what what's up superglue these are the future species exceedingly can you get different sauces yes this is this is very viscous thank you and fix very roomy I start about an inch or so below the bottom of the barrel because that's actually gone up the wire as well as down and you can see the color change of the wire this is exceedingly faster running so you've got to be careful so there's it run run down by yourself yeah can you actually see that yeah you can see the that's the the dry caller that's the the wet caller oh okay changes color changes color right blues now up to here turn it upside down so any excess blue engrams down from the barrel or away from the barrel it runs away from the tank if you end up putting too much glue and the glue runs down the wire into the brass cork copper core and over the screw thread if you use the cigarette lighter you can burn off the excess glue you don't have to start again if I can just put that to dry behind you you can move the hot glue gun 15 minutes that should be done dry nice that should be this one should be ready I always hold on to it don't cuz he can it's like a fun underwater attention Rachel why hasn't popped out so from this point on what you're doing is like building a pre-wired place onto a correct may life easier in just easing this this wire out such down and then round objects thumb just to straighten out the wire to make life easier what I'm putting this leaving on if it gets fluffy in and it's hard to get on just run a flame over it just to get rid of the floor you're not trying to burn the thread off and just crank over the floor as this one has got a wide groove at the base I run thus leaving just in to the groove so I've got a couple of mil into the groove but it's flush with the top of the blade can you find my white right handed weapon inside god sake goes to the left I then will bend the wire its walls mate so it's not in line with the wiring prongs so to the left you said to the left because it's a right-handed right okay when you put the pad on you can't see where the wire is so if you've made sure is towards you the grill you will go over where the wires let's place them thank you this is a little Paul handle and not well this is a 6mm spanner allen key you will fit there is a bit of light we will fit no problems using it I find this lazy using a t-bar handle allen key you can spin it easier signing that tighten the handle up hold the handle not the guard how long should the sleeping be that's what is five inches or so buddy here as far as Assembly's worries constant there's two ways of doing this amend this I could have why this without the handle on this version of the inside skyrocket has got a hole for the wire to come up three underneath the eight miles but I had to be screwed over by my wire whites to pin should be in there somewhere you can either cut off all connection adjustable is she'll be all connected to soar adjustable lock I know this silver but there's always solidity that they won't write first things fair which is good news because I haven't got the tip in my little plastic pill box thing please it's in the pod war bonds I tend to put new split and use screws in and really wide something sit down release it slightly you don't stir it all the way in from one side because you'll you want the collar and the blade to be central right handed yes find the cloth tape please sign down one side try to maneuver I almost like I am paranoid with all styles of never usually time walk properly press down no circuit let go point eight of an ohm check the weights when you'd be weight on the box as well right on press down let go I was take it back size plus weight approximately 15 centimeters tight I go on to the barrel because I'm going to use cloth tape around the barrel as well so there's a small gap down one side foam salad david chat off so before stars there's one way why do

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  1. This video saved me… I've just started foil fencing (after 12 years of epee) and I thought I could assemble a foil pretty easily, not realising how different it is from an epee

  2. I'm right now making a saber blade with a pistol grip do you know any videos about doing something similar

  3. I prefer the smaller Diamond Wheel myself. The EZ Lock one is big, it doesn't seem to do the cleaning job as well…too much mass for the motor of my Dremel to move…slows down.

    Glad he didn't just do the heat gun and start wiring, tho…proper cleaning of the blade is THE most important part of a rewire.

  4. Great video – I have had Andrew rewire my blade before and he is a fantastic armorer.

    My new years resolution was to do all my own armoury and following this video I did my first rewire today. Thanks again for such an informative in-depth video.

  5. Oaky so my sword needs to be rewired yet after 2 months my teacher is still not don it and it's not that hard

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