Fencing Ideas for Raised Bed Gardens

Fencing Ideas for Raised Bed Gardens

hello doll you city gardeners out there I want to make a video of the community garden that I'm involved with here in Cincinnati show you some of what's going on here maybe get some ideas for your own garden there are deer so people have different ways of trying to keep them out this guy's simply stuck some post and wrap some netting around right just on whirls it to get in able to grow lots of lettuce and leafy greens nothing in that garden this person's got sort of the chicken coop looking thing going on here besides wide open suppose he's going to build a door here hasn't planted yet but looks nice and sturdy this person is taking the existing wires that have been put in these boxes and simply drape some netting over it and it looks like it's helping this is a nice one simply put stakes around wrap the netting around so if the hole on the bottom for the rabbits to get in probably have to correct that and this one surrounds three beds giant PVC structure which can get a little costly but it looks like they're serious about it I want to grow a lot of food this person's also using some chicken coop fencing our growing basil peppers strawberries and this person's protecting their weaves these two are my neighbors and I plot more about the build ours out of PVC to that's the community garden

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  1. I like your Video, May need your idea, Ground hogs got my Tomato plants..ERRR!! …You might like a Video I shot on a baby ground hog attacks my camera…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kQ1P2kMnq4..If you like please think on subbing

  2. That is awesome that I am the only one in Cincy! I wish there were more but if I am the only one then that means I need to make a lot more videos pertaining to seasonal growing. I will make a new one very soon, thanks for watching and good luck gardening!

  3. This is awesome. This is the first channel that I have found in Cincinnati. I can watch you and not have to wonder about the weather or time of year when I get advice. Nice channel.

  4. Thanks for watching! Yes those birds come from all angles so completely covering the bed completely is the only option for keeping them out.

  5. Good work. I am looking at formulating something to cover my raised beds and the pigeons seem to peck at everything I plant, yours are looking great!

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