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  1. I see advertisements for old style Gripples and new. What’s the difference or what is improved?What does Gripple Plus mean?

  2. We use Gripples every day in our fence contracting, and stock them in our store, as well.  We consistently put over 200kg of load on Medium Gripples without any failure.(See videos for actual proof)  We have annual temperature variations of up to 150 degrees F, so expansion and contraction are a real concern.  Gripple does not disappoint. Cheers from America.

  3. I didn't understand a single thing they said in the video. Could you do it in English? With an American (North – not Canada) accent.
    Does Gripple sell the pants? All those pockets in just the right places.
    Nice holes in the T-shirt. Looks like the tech almost got a second belly button.
    Other than a few quibbles it really is quite impressive what you can do with a cam. Gripples are like a Petzl GriGri for cows, but thankfully they're not French.
    I can see middle eastern interrogators using these around various body parts of prisoners to obtain information –very useful… is there a way to back them off if you don't want the prisoner to die? Or your brother from a dysfunctional family sticks his finger in the works while you're tensioning?

  4. Those T gripples look an expensive way of doing what can be done with fencing staples for pennies. But I'll swear for the tenacity and reliability of gripple tensioners, and cost-wise they're a damned-sight cheaper than conventional inline tensioning systems. I only wish there were a release system for if an installation mistake has been made….it's not tidy to have to cut the gripple out then graft in a new piece of wire to make length back up.

  5. Excellent I use hundreds a year with the ght 8-80-22 estate netting. Don't really rate the blue end caps stock rub them and they foment off leaving wire ends sticking out

  6. Love it! Very clear demos of the labour saving product designs and all designed and manufactured in the UK.

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