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  1. Yes! Precisely what I needed. This will also allow me to do repairs on wire or add sections on an existing wire. I agree, all these low cost items starts to be hundreds of dollars when you need a lot of them! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Thanks for this, I wish I'd known this knot 60 years ago., always used one loop through the other loop. untidy and you lose a bit of tension. Yours is neat & tidy.

  3. hi tim how are you?have you done a video on straining long runs of hi tensile barb where you use a forky stick and a fencing plug because the the stretch of in the barb you would have strain tie of put strainers on and go again till there is enough tension on the barb have a great day kelvin

  4. would this work in an environment where we go from -40 to +100 temps ? how do we tighten the fence after years if it starts to sag?

  5. Hi Tim, I've had to splice in a length of barbed when I cut a roo out that was hung up. I wasn't happy with the result
    Have you done a video on splicing in a length or have any tips? Regards.

  6. Great technique! Loosing only one link of tension for a completely hand tied knot is very surprising. And those stretchers are the bomb! The best I've ever seen. I'll sure refer back to this video when I get fencing on my new farm. I've been off the farm for 8 years, so I'm a little rusty. Thanks for the upload!

  7. I'm amazed that the short end doesn't slip through the knot over time. Would it not be worth keeping a long tail and tying it back the other way as insurance? (Great videos, by the way!)

  8. Best yet I've seen on splicing and tensioning high tensile wire, I was taught by a guy doing it for over 20 years, plus input from two other older guys who would have you believe they knew every thing about every thing, but none knew how you could break off the wire, nor has any one showing this on YouTube shown it so clearly, never seen that knot so clearly shown either, another never seen is those wire tensioner that walk up a chain, even though I haven't done this work in years and probably never will I want one, are these what I've heard referred to as Australian wire tensioners.

  9. Youd be quicker doing a wreath knot before you even put the strainer on then tighten. Also that would be hard using high tinsel wire.

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