Fencing & Netting Made Easy- Portable Chicken Fence Post kit

Fencing & Netting Made Easy- Portable Chicken Fence Post kit

you slide the face through the hole in the pipe or animal enclosure wire you latch it this way just turn the lock there is it's held in we use a three inch length galvanized deck screws in each pose keep it together solid stainless is a cedar transparent cedar stain it's UV and and rot resistant should last for a long time we don't use the treated wood because of the chemicals used in it most most people now are leaning toward organic gardening and that really not introduce those chemicals to the environment in the fence set we give you a 12 inch galvanized nails which we drive into the in the ground like this support package comes with twenty one of these stakes these are galvanized nails to install your this is the end of the rule of wire this over here is the other end we just bring those two together to latch you can hook the piece of wire like this I just pull out a beast and hook it like that up right this is the wind goes right through these doesn't blow over like a gate night we prefer it this way you can open it as wide as you want rows narrow as you want and then latch it again you watch you'll find this piece which is a Ledge for this type of gate system it keeps it quite tight and secure won't fall over some people prefer a more stable we give you seven this post in the package and way to put them up we like to make a long curve and between them helps us to stand up got posted each in and along Herman the other side that really helps them stand up in the web so you can put as many curves or make them any shape you want as you see we've got none of it a fancy set of curves here between these people's yards advancing set up keep your chickens in st. Louis or you can keep an eye on them so they will want to are in separate different groups of chickens this way it's not 100% safe snow hawks and some climbing over it doesn't make them relatively safe and you can always uh you always want to course have a clue you can onion pickles out during the day I'm out in New York right now they're napping you

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  1. Neat idea! What's the easiest way to pull up the the 12" nails from out of the ground when you want to move them?

  2. How many feet of fencing could 1 kit accommodate? I’m wondering if I could get away with using one kit or maybe 2 kits on 300 ft of fencing?

  3. Nice fence design, although Galvanized Nails also leech toxic heavy metals into the soil. You are not supposed to use galvanized nails or screws when building flower pots to be used for edible plants.

  4. I used this design and purchased all the supplies at the lumber yard. It is quick, easy, reasonably priced and gives you a lot of flexibility. This sure beats digging post holes.m Thanks for the great design.

  5. I am think of something like this for my garden area and for my yard. This is a good idea. Get chickens in the spring or fall raise them and then in the next fall eat them and raise more from the eggs. and sell fresh egg to people if you got a lot of chicks.

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