Fencing Tips : Fencing for a Beginner

Fencing Tips : Fencing for a Beginner

my name's Stuart Philip Kaufman I'm the fencing master and founder of the Marin fencing Academy in San Rafael Marin County California I'm going to tell you about fencing for beginners with the beginners it's more important than with the established ventures that everything you learn in well whether it's here in this video you learn in a fencing school it's important that you really concentrate and the first part of fencing the stance and footwork once you make mistakes in fencing it's nearly impossible well not impossible but it's going to take a long time and a lot of work to correct the mistakes you make so the most important part of fencing for beginners is that once you take you're on guard position and learn your basic stance and footwork and the other footwork moves that you practice them over and over repetition is the key if you do ten minutes every day as a beginner of just holding you're on guard position and advancing retreating and lunging I guarantee you that in a couple of weeks your footwork will be nearly immaculate and if you do that with every step you learn the following week ten minutes every day of just that position you're on guard position advance retreat lunge and just keep adding as you learn the new moves you'll see you won't be a beginner for long

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  1. could you train me I have two lightsabers even if you don't want to use them for practice i'd still like to learn from you for when i play

  2. Maestro Gelman, Maestro Korfanty, Maestro Burdan, Maestro Gershon – they don't exist? And many others who brought USA Fencing to the top of the world in the sport, including Olympic Medalists, World Champions? Three weeks… years, not days…

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