41 Replies to “Fencing with five different medieval weapons”

  1. 역시 검술하면 공방합일의 물흐르는듯한 검술이 최고! 한타한타에 목숨을 거는 기교에 감탄을 합니다!

  2. Wunderbar, Leute! Aber sagt mal, habt ihr euch schonmal bei euren Vorführungen, bzw. beim Einstudieren verletzt? Die Techniken mit den Hellebarden z.B. sehen auf jeden Fall nach Verletzungspotenzial aus

  3. Um. Wow! This is great. I loved watching the progression in steps, especially with the poleaxes. In general, these videos make me really glad I don't have to fight hand-to-hand to the death.

  4. For people complaining about the pauses and not fully intented attacks https://youtu.be/mjT4JepA-Vc

  5. These techniques don't ring true. I feel as if there is shenanagan's afoot ir the skill level is very low. But I could be wrong. Probably am.

  6. This looks more like bullshit than fighting. If the point is to dance with props then mission accomplished. If the point is to competitively fight to show techniques of fighting this is a fail. Maybe use practice sticks so they can truly spar and find out what works and what is bullshit.

  7. Ive been watching and re-watching these videos for years! I really wish hollywood would take note of these guys and contact them to teach fight choreography so that we can have a realistic medeival movie for once…

  8. Im really happy that medieval weapons were introduced here but i think GUN will do the thing in this modern times

  9. I'm not sure I understand the longsword plays at the end…It seems like one person gets disemboweled and the other gets a lobotomy, what are we supposed to learn? "Don't ever do this"?

  10. Really must say, didn't think long sword fights would look that awesome right there at the end of the vid. most vids i've seen it's over in like 2 actions or less.

  11. ahh this kinda combat requires too much technique. i prefer modern combat where ur pistol is ur one-hitter

  12. actually a minor thing about the poleaxe…i would take the blow from the staff to my neck / shoulder and go for a lethal blow in the meantime. its a painfull bruise vs a sure kill.

  13. it would be cool if you would put different weapons against each other like poleaxe (mordaxt) vs longsword or techniques with the spear vs sword an shield…you know less duell more battlefield like

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