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  1. where's the rest of it, you're just throwing one or two cuts, it's so slow, this is a practice drill at best, not fencing. (not hating on the people, it's a lovely video and the cuts are accurate along with the clothes)

  2. Just imagine, you're out for a walk in the fog, then you hear metal off in the distance, you follow it and see these guys doing some medieval scrapping

  3. Unlike movies where it is a protracted sword on sword fight – these kinds of sword fights lasted one or three strikes tops.

  4. Why are your swords so flexible? BTW. from point of view of somebody who knows sword fight it's funny that your moves are still a little slow in regard to not hurt each other. And of course the "death one" is standing still and waitng for the strike. Still very cool techniques tho.

  5. It's cool how all of these techniques show one move finishers. There's no fancy hollywood crap here, just straight up moves intended to kill. One mistake and that's it.

  6. I wonder in any historical longswords have been found with a large stud or small spike on the pommel.

  7. Just closing my eyes and listening to that ring is so satisfying by itself. Then open them and see fluid but easy to follow attacks and it's like icing on a cake.

  8. There seems to be a long standing assumption about European sword-making and swordsmanship that it was all down to brute force and the swords were too weak. But having abandoned the craft for centuries, there's actually a lot of value in them that needs to be brought to the public consciousness.

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