Feng Tianwei vs Ding Ning | T2 Diamond Malaysia (Quarter Finals)

Feng Tianwei vs Ding Ning | T2 Diamond Malaysia (Quarter Finals)

sungeum way will get us underway in this final match of the day read into anything what they're thinking try and get in she cool ends and beckons two three three our luminary encounter finalists the t2 and 2017 here we go this is what we love come on come on Oh [Applause] magic back brilliant theater it's wonderful table tennis there's so much everything how does she get that back it means straight at her face still contrive to make it happen superb – table tennis 5:05 here we go oh yes six Jen way oh we love this absolutely glorious eight oh wow as well nine eight dinging Wow that was an extraordinary win nap to go swatch enthralling ten nine game point she's got it 11:9 mad ding ding will serve it [Applause] use of the wrist their three-piece there oh it's a great shock for your fantastic achievement one bullshitting this is excellent six behind that [Applause] decision will come back to helper let's missed five that's the problem that's it it's eleven five answer with the service third game from Jim way very short achievement that Oh to the right to the last the gain is the change of three let why three let great work great recovery digging how she can adjust others flip second notice off the tape doesn't matter she's still there great legwork to six who wants to play table tennis huh into the body on the back ends I do make it happen and there's a nice way living on memory maybe but I tell you putting up a big show by the bat suggesting it might just have taken the line skidded on 5-7 these rim less than five minutes left Oh took the edge there didn't it six seven she's missed it fantastic three and a half meters under that's a message no not gonna happen [Applause] that's gone oh she's got it up at the great advantage here Jill is that gemway has got the service she can dictate what happens would stack up there like a piece of washing on the line hey had that guy here's a question had that gone over from the throw she has to be in contact with the bow here we go we will go to 11 with this one enough that's a good one for one off it's a brilliant counter huge surprise and shock you this evening this will be another one if it comes to class [Applause] she's playing with gay abandon them you must say absolutely nothing to lose this is the underdog really barking loudly amazing one three under gained one for Orchard Road and the means center of the city to watch it from Jim wait for two and there you can feel it once again oh [Applause] wow gee whiz how did that come back look where it came back to extraordinary amazing off the forehand side six five she needs to nail this one Oh sensational no wonder she's getting the floors of the coach that was remarkable how on earth did you get that she had to wait for an eternity to play that unbelievable windmill forehand [Applause] really well just took a time she's missed it Oh what did it take the edge apologies oh my goodness she asked the edge there we don't need the VAR let's have a look at it we'll watch this one closely closely closely yes it did oh yeah yeah yeah she's missed their to-do game point – ding ding and that's it 11:9 ding ding long sir [Applause] very long one or two one big name of just so well over the years brilliant – oh good place to serve here oh what a response for do and that's point it's a long way back from here and that is three four four three Oh brilliant shot to level up up for me still alive for all she needs this to take the game and that's it ding-ding has run it wow what a battle she talks on her cheeks that was a great performance by from John way in the end the favorite takes it dick named Lulu to the semi-finals that was a really exciting battle

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  1. Ding Ning finally in good shape.
    I impressed with her speed of reaction. She has chances against WMY

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